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35 FUN Wedding Reception Ideas Your Guests’ll Always Remember

wedding guests in photo booth with silly hats and funny faces“Do you remember that cool game we played at such-and-such’s wedding reception?” “That night was so much fun!” “Seriously, we didn’t want to leave the reception.” Every couple wants to hear quotes like this from your guests (either in-person or on social media-does it matter?) but it can be hard to sift through all the lists of awesome wedding reception ideas. That’s why we’ve compiled a full list of fun wedding reception ideas (or you can ask us for reception entertainment ideas) that your guests’ll rave about long after you’ve gotten back from your honeymoon.

Wedding Games

  1. I Spy
  2. Mad libs
  3. Table Trivia
  4. Wedding advice games
  5. Shoe Game
  6. Dance Freeze
  7. Limbo
  8. Hangman
  9. Wedding crosswords

Off Dance-Floor Entertainment

  1. Photo booth (with fun photo booth props)
  2. Indoor bowling
  3. Ring toss
  4. Corn hole
  5. Pool table
  6. Chess board
  7. Sparklers & fireworks (ask your venue if they are allowed or if a permit is needed)
  8. Caricature artist
  9. Interactive food station
  10. Kid-friendly coloring station
  11. Face painter
  12. Photo stand-ins
  13. Offer fun rides (i.e. carriage, wagon, boat, etc.)
  14. Slideshows or photo walls of the couple
  15. Fun late-night course (fuel to keep guests on the dance floor!)

Dance Floor Surprises

  1. Fun newlywed entrance (find ideas for fun wedding reception arrivals here)
  2. Flash mob
  3. Celebrity arrival (i.e. famous artist, sports star, sports mascot, etc.)
  4. Surprise family or friend entrance
  5. Dance lessons
  6. Confetti or balloon drop
  7. Choreographed first dance
  8. Cool lighting
  9. Play song requests from the RSVP cards
  10. Wedding attendants choreographed dance
  11. Entertainer show (i.e. acrobats, comedian, magician, etc.)

Tips for a Memorable Wedding First Dance

bride and groom at small wedding receptionThere are a million moments to remember on your first day; that special moment dancing with your new husband or wife is definitely one of them—or can be if you use these tips.

Be “theme-y”

We know the term makes many couples cringe at the mere thought; however, if you’re planning a wedding with a common theme (i.e. nautical, country, seasonal), a song that fits with all the other details can take your wedding to another level. We’ve given you a few song ideas for your theme in a recent post; it’s up to you to choose the song that’s special to you and your wedding atmosphere.

Make it special

As tempting as it can be to choose a random song off of one of those first wedding dance lists, choose a song that’s a little closer to your heart. Your first song can be a song that was playing in the background at your first date, when you became engaged, or on a special night when you knew he or she was the one. If you’re still drawing a blank, or you and your spouse-to-be just don’t dance, ask your parents or grandparents for their first dance songs.

Ask for recommendations

A romantic love song or a choreographed dance. We’ve been part of thousands of wedding receptions. Lean on our experience. Use it. Ask your DJ for ideas for recommendations for a ideas for memorable first dance songs or choreographed routines.

Avoid the awkward

There is a fine line between awkward and different. Make sure when you choose your wedding first dance song—and choreographed dance—doesn’t leave your guests with an awkward feeling. Dance songs about wishing your current partner was your ex or a dance that leaves your guest with a strange twinge can make your first dance memorable—for all the wrong reasons.

Get your attendants in on the act

Want to make a big impression on your guests? Ask your attendants to join you as part of your first dance. Start out the dance with just the two of you, then pull your attendants in for an over-the-top surprise choreographed dance.

Practice, practice, practice

If you chose a choreographed dance for your first wedding dance, don’t leave the night to chance. Add a regular practice schedule to your calendar—including full dress rehearsals. As the wedding reception draws near, practice your steps in your wedding shoes and attire (especially if the dress has a wedding train!). Don’t forget to include your DJ in on your plans; he or she may have suggestions on ways to make your first dance even more memorable.