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Ideas that Get Your Wedding Guests Dancing

disco balls from a wedding danceIt’s every couple’s worst nightmare: an empty dance floor. We all can see why: couples spend a lot of time planning every detail, doing everything they can do to make sure that their guests have fun. That’s why the sight of an empty dance floor can be such a letdown. It doesn’t have to be—especially if you use these tips to get your wedding guests on the dance floor (and keep them there!).

Hire a good DJ.

If you want to get your wedding guests on the floor, the logical first step is to hire a pro that has the experience to make it happen. An experienced DJ is more than just a voice urging your guests out on the dance floor; a good DJ has the expertise and the play list to make it happen. Lean on that expertise; while you may hate a certain genre of music, a good playlist is key to getting and keeping your wedding guests on the dance floor.

Make an entrance.

If you want to get the “joint jumping”—or in this case, set the mood for a great wedding reception—start with your plans for the time before the wedding dance. Plan a fantastic entrance into the wedding reception (we’ve given you ideas for a fun wedding reception entrance here). Make your guests look forward to the dance by creating a high energy atmosphere before your guests hit the dance floor.

Hit the dance floor yourself.

Want your guests on the dance floor? Lead by example. Hit the dance floor yourself and bring a few friends.

Don’t make them leave the dance floor.

Minimize the amount of times your guests leave the dance floor because they might not return. Make sure your first dance or father-daughter (or mother-son) dance doesn’t go too long. An experienced DJ can also use the right songs and announcements to get everyone back out dancing.

Give your guests a dance lesson.

To get your guests out on the dance floor, give them a reason. Hire a dance instructor to give your wedding guests a dance lesson that they’ll want to flock to.

Be very careful when you compile your ‘Do not play’ list.

A good DJ should ask for songs you want played and songs you do not want played at the reception. As tempting as it might be to make a list a mile long, too many songs on that list can hurt your attendance on the dance floor. Some of those wedding song classics that make your skin crawl are also what draw your guests to the dance floor.

Surprise your guests.

Make your guests want to see what all the fuss is about out on the dance floor. Use a surprise like a celebrity impersonator, team mascot, or confetti (more ideas for wedding reception surprises in this blog post) to get your wedding guests on the dance floor—and keep them there.