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How to Choose the Best First Dance Song

The first dance as a married couple is a cherished moment that symbolizes the beginning of a beautiful journey together. As you step onto the dance floor, surrounded by the warmth of family and friends, the right song can enhance the magic of the moment. Selecting the perfect first dance song requires careful consideration, as it should reflect the unique essence of your relationship and set the tone for the celebration ahead.

Reflect on Your Journey

Start the process by reflecting on your journey as a couple. Think about the songs that hold special meaning for both of you—perhaps the one playing during your first date, the song that defines a shared experience, or the track that always brings a smile to your faces. These personal connections can make your first dance even more intimate and memorable.

Consider Your Style

Your first dance song should reflect your style as a couple. Whether you’re into classic ballads, contemporary hits, or something in between, choose a song that resonates with both of you. If you have different tastes, consider a compromise or find a song that seamlessly blends both of your preferences.

Match the Mood

The mood you want to convey during your first dance is crucial. Do you envision a romantic and slow dance, or are you more inclined towards a lively and upbeat performance? The tempo and lyrics of the song should align with the atmosphere you want to create. It’s all about capturing the emotions that best represent your love story.


Consider your dancing abilities when selecting a song. If you’re not confident in your dance moves, a slower song might be more suitable. On the other hand, if you’re planning a choreographed dance, choose a song that allows for creativity and expression. Practice your dance routine beforehand to ensure it flows seamlessly with the chosen track.

Lyrics That Resonate

Pay attention to the lyrics of the song you’re considering. While some couples might prefer meaningful and sentimental lyrics, others might lean towards something more light-hearted or even humorous. Choose a song with lyrics that resonate with your relationship and convey the sentiments you wish to express on your wedding day.

Timelessness vs. Trendiness

Decide whether you want a timeless classic or a more contemporary hit. Timeless songs have enduring appeal, while trendy songs may capture the spirit of the moment but risk feeling dated in the future. Finding a balance between the two ensures your first dance song remains meaningful for years to come.

Pick Something Special for You and Your Partner

Choosing the best wedding song for your first dance is a significant decision that adds a personal touch to your celebration. Once you find your perfect song, you’ll need a great DJ to play it. At An Enchanted Evening, we’ve estimated that we’ve entertained over a million people at wedding events, so we know how to keep the celebration going. Contact us today to set up a consultation. Whatever song you choose, let it be the soundtrack to a moment you’ll treasure forever as you take that first dance as a married couple.

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How to Choose the Perfect First Dance Song

Your first dance at your wedding is a special moment for the two of you, which is why it’s so important to choose the perfect first dance song.

Ways to Choose the Right Song

The good news is that it’s easy and fun to choose the perfect first dance song. After all, it’s fairly easy to listen to songs until you find the “one.” The bad news is that there are a TON of songs to choose from. But don’t stress. We’ve got a list of ways to inspire and spur your search for the right first dance song. (Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding DJ for ideas too.)

Choose a special song from your relationship

The song that was playing the night you met. A song that you both love to listen to together. The song that was playing when you said “I love you” or when you proposed. A song from a concert you were at together. Think back to those special moments, and don’t get discouraged if the song doesn’t have the right tempo for your first dance. Instead, look for other versions of the song online or ask a very musically gifted friend if they can record an instrumental version for you.

Ask a treasured friend or family for their first dance song

If you want your first dance to be a nod to a special couple, ask them if you can use their first dance song at your wedding. This could be a first dance song from your parents, grandparents, or close friends. Or for a twist, use an updated version of their song.

Select a song from your favorite era

Do you both love a particular era? Or is your wedding a vintage affair? If so, a hit song from another era may be the perfect first dance song for you—and it’ll be tons of fun finding it! Pull out your a-tracks or head to the internet to find a special throwback song that you both love.

Look for a song that speaks to a common interest

Your differences and commonalities brough you together, so why shouldn’t they play a part when you choose the perfect first dance song? Look for a thread that ties you together, such as a favorite music genre, activity, or dance you both love. If you don’t want a super-common song that everyone uses, look for a song online from a favorite group or do a search by topic.

How to Add Spice to Your First Dance

For a wedding first dance as unique as your song, use these tips to spice up your first dance.

Practice, practice, practice

If you want to pair a traditional dance with a modern song, head to a local dance studio for dance lessons. Make sure you choose a traditional dance that works with the music, and have fun.

Choreograph a routine

A choreographed routine is a bit more complicated, but definitely scores higher in the wow factor category. If you need inspiration, search online for videos of newlyweds that went over-the-top with a choreographed wedding first dance.

Get your wedding party in on the fun

If you want to create more of a flash mob effect, ask your wedding party if they want to get in on the fun. This is an idea with ton of possibilities, such as starting with a slow dance until your wedding party “crashes” with a fast song. Get your wedding DJ in on the fun. They can come up with cool song suggestions and build up to the moment. (Don’t forget to tell your photographer and videographer so they can get the dance on film!)

Add a confetti or balloon drop

Another way to make a wedding first dance momentous is to add an effect to the dance. This can be a surprise appearance by a celebrity or a confetti or balloon drop. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to surprise guests during the wedding reception; this is your chance to make your wedding first dance completely and truly your own.

Choose the Right First Dance Song with 7 Tips from the Pros

Bride and groom sharing a special moment at the wedding leaning with their heads close together before their wedding danceFor some couples, choosing the song for their first dance together at their wedding is easy; it’s the first song they danced to, the song that was playing when they met, the song from their first date.  For others, it’s not so easy.  We’ve helped numerous couples set a play list for their wedding, and their first dance.  Here are a few ways we’ve seen couples pick that perfect wedding first dance song—and tips we’ve given them to find the first dance song they both love.

Choose a song you can dance to

If you’ve spent the last few months in dance lessons, listen carefully to the songs at your lessons.  Talk to your dance instructor for ideas or select the song that you both love to dance to.  If you have a particular dance that you both enjoy, look through a library of music with the beat that fits with your favorite dance.

Find a song with family meaning

Choosing your first song can be a symbolic way of honoring your family legacy, or a family member who is special to both of you.  Ask your parents, grandparents, or other special family members for the first song they danced to at their wedding or a song that has special meaning to them.  You can keep the source of your special first song confidential, or ask your DJ or band leader to do a special announcement honoring your family member.

Choose a song that fits with your wedding atmosphere

Another source of first song inspiration is all that wedding planning you’ve immersed yourself in for the past few months.  If you’ve gone to great lengths to plan a vintage wedding with touches from a certain era, choose a song from that decade that resonates with your wedding atmosphere and who you are as a couple.  For a beach wedding or nautical-themed wedding, look for songs that fit with your décor, coordinated menu, and special memories together as a couple.

Ask your DJ

It’s your DJ’s job to know the perfect music to keep your guests dancing (note, your guests not just a general play list-here’s how to select a good DJ that does customize their wedding play list), so why not tap into their knowledge of good wedding dance songs?  Don’t be afraid to ask your DJ for recommendations for a first dance song that fits your wedding and who you are as a couple; they’ll be glad to lend their expertise to your cause.

Find commonality

Have a conversation with your fiance to find a commonality: a genre of music you both like, a favorite shared movie (and movie sound track), music that you both enjoy together during a past time (playing sports, going to musicals, etc.), anything that may point you to a common song that has special meaning.

Go back to those special relationship moments

The song didn’t have to be playing in the background during special moments in your relationship; it can fit the feeling of the day you met, the nature of your blind date, or the moment you knew your fiance was the one.

Break the mold

If a sappy love song doesn’t fit who you are as a couple, don’t feel like you have to choose it as your wedding first dance song.  Choose what first dance song fits you as a couple and enjoy it.  This is your wedding day!