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Why a “Cheap Wedding DJ” in Chicago Isn’t Worth the Trouble

People are willing to spend incredible amounts of money for the sake of their wedding services. In fact, in the United States alone, the market for wedding services is worth almost $60 billion every single year! And the industry continues to grow more than 2% every year.

Of course, people also have a budget for their weddings. That means that people have to prioritize. Spending more on one part of the wedding means spending less on another part of the wedding.

Some people wonder if a cheap wedding DJ might be a good way to free up some of their budget to spend on other parts of the wedding. However, the wedding DJ should actually be a top priority.

So what exactly is it so important that you do not hire a cheap wedding DJ for your special day? Read on to learn all about the most important reasons that you want to have a great wedding DJ!

Some Wedding DJ Services Go Out of Business

Many people plan their weddings many months ahead of schedule. However, cheap wedding DJ services may not even be in business come the day of your wedding. Going with an established service means knowing that they will reliably be ready for your wedding when it comes.

A Proper Chicago Wedding DJ Should Be Able to Show Professionalism

One of the easiest ways to ruin a wedding is by unprofessionalism. Cheap wedding DJs may not know how to properly add to your wedding atmosphere without committing a faux pas.

Cheap DJ Services Lack Quality Sound Equipment

In some cases, you can find extremely talented DJs who are just starting out. But no matter how skilled they are, they cannot make up for bad sound equipment. You don’t want your whole wedding night to be underscored by cheap sound quality.

Inexperienced Wedding Djs May Be Less Adaptable

Wedding days can be hectic. They can require people to adapt to changing circumstances. Veteran DJs who have seen it all know how to adjust to unexpected problems.

Cheap wedding DJs are not as likely to be ready to manage difficult problems.

Great Wedding DJ Services in Chicago Can Keep the Party Going

The right music can be the number one thing that keeps your wedding party going. Without it, people might just sit at their tables all night long.

Understand Why You Shouldn’t Bother Hiring a Cheap Wedding DJ

We hope that some of the ideas in this short article on why cheap wedding DJs are generally a bad idea have been helpful for you. At the end of the day, you only have one wedding day. Many people underestimate the impact of music on the mood, atmosphere, and memories of their wedding, but it can make an enormous difference.

Many people don’t want to cut corners on their wedding. But the wedding DJ is one of the last things you should try to cut corners on. To learn more about what a quality wedding DJ can do for your special day or where to find one, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time! 

11 Tips To Avoid the “Choosing the Wrong Wedding DJ” Regret

guest, bride and groom dancing at wedding reception to dj musicEvery couple has their wedding day regret: they wish they would’ve hired a videographer, spent less time worrying…the list could go on and on. One of the most common wedding day “we wish we would have…” we hear is about the DJ. A lot of couples we talk with wish they would have spent more on wedding entertainment—and good wedding entertainment. It’s easy to understand why; years later, most of your wedding guests remember the fun they had at the reception. So how can you and your fiancé avoid this common after-wedding regret?

Don’t hire a ‘friend of a friend’ DJ

As tempting as it might be to hire a friend or a friend of a friend who’s “really awesome,” resist the urge. If your friend is an amateur or hobbyist, chances are they don’t have back up equipment or another DJ to fill in if they have an emergency. Most hobbyist DJ’s don’t have modern equipment or the experience to coordinate with your venue and other vendors (like when you want that perfect shot during your first dance).

Don’t underestimate the importance of backups.

We know of one couple whose photographer passed away days before their wedding. Other couples can tell similar stories of emergencies that arose on their big day. While some of those last-minutes problems can interrupt your wedding day despite your best efforts, you can avoid the hassle of having to find another DJ last minute if your first choice can’t come. Hire a company that schedules a backup experienced DJ for every event—and back up equipment. You won’t regret making the decision; it’ll give you one less worry on your wedding day.

Don’t use price as the only factor.

guests at wedding reception dancing to djYour wedding budget may be one of the most important factors in every wedding planning decision, but try to remember that you get what you pay for. Keep your wedding budget in perspective; though a hundred or few hundred dollars seems monumental, if that amount can get you a quality DJ for a small percentage of your overall wedding budget, consider the impact of your dollar. You and your guests are going to have a lot more fun, have less worries with a back up DJ and equipment, and talk about your memorable night for years to come.

Don’t forget to consider experience when making your choice.

Don’t gamble on your wedding reception entertainment. A rookie DJ isn’t going to have the experience to coordinate your special moments with your other vendors. We were recently talking to a couple who had this exact concern. It stemmed from an experience at a friend’s wedding. The DJ at the wedding cued the first dance for their friend without consulting the wedding photographer who was away from the reception. As a result, their friend did not have one picture of their very special first dance.

We’ve given you a million ‘don’ts’ of choosing a wedding DJ. Here are a few of the ‘do’s’ of finding the right DJ for your wedding day:

  • Do research testimonials and online reviews to determine what other couples thought of the wedding DJ (if they’ve won awards, consider that a bonus!). Look at the amount of testimonials and what other couples had to say about the potential DJ.
  • Do ask how many years of experience with weddings they’ve had.
  • If you want “one stop” shopping, do consider a wedding DJ that offers extras (i.e. photo booth, lighting, etc.) so you can get all the wedding entertainment you need at one place.
  • Do be wary of DJ’s who want to meet you at a restaurant because they don’t have a location where you can see their equipment (this is a sign of an amateur DJ).
  • Do hurry up and contact potential DJ’s because the best DJ calendars fill up quickly.
  • Do ask questions. Call your DJ, email them or ask your DJ questions on social media. If you want to see what they can do in person, set up a meeting with them.
  • Do enjoy the fruit of your efforts: an awesome, memorable, fun wedding reception!