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Capture Every Moment With the Magic of a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, joy, and unforgettable moments. While professional photographers are there to capture the essence of the day, adding a photo booth is not just a source of entertainment; it’s a way to create lasting memories for both you and your guests.

Interactive Entertainment

An engaging and distinctive addition to your wedding is a photo booth. It turns into a central location where visitors can congregate, mingle, and have a great time capturing imaginative and unscripted pictures. It involves more than just taking staged photos; it also involves putting together a laid-back environment that everyone can enjoy.

Capture Candid Moments

While your professional photographer is busy capturing formal moments, a photo booth allows your guests to capture goofy and spontaneous moments. These photos often turn out to be the most cherished ones, reflecting the genuine emotions and joy of the day.

Customizable Backdrops and Props

One of the exciting aspects of having a photo booth is the opportunity to customize the experience. Choose backdrops that match your wedding theme or colors, and provide a variety of props that add a touch of whimsy and fun to the pictures. From quirky hats to oversized sunglasses, the possibilities are endless.

Instant Keepsakes

Unlike waiting for the professional photos to be edited and delivered, a photo booth provides instant prints for your guests. These prints serve as unique and personalized wedding favors that your friends and family can take home with them of the joyous celebration they were a part of.

Guestbook Alternative

Instead of a traditional guestbook, consider having a photo booth guestbook. Encourage your guests to take pictures and leave heartfelt messages next to their photos. It’s a creative way to capture memories and create a keepsake that you can cherish for years to come.

Digital Sharing and Social Media

Embrace the digital age by incorporating social media sharing options. Many modern photo booths allow guests to instantly share their pictures on social media platforms, creating a real-time feed of the celebration. This not only extends the joy to those who couldn’t attend but also creates a digital album for you to revisit.

Vendor Assistance and Setup

If you’re worried about setting up your photo booth, many photo booth rental companies offer professional assistance to set up and manage the booth during the event. This ensures a seamless experience for you and your guests, allowing everyone to focus on celebrating without any worries.

An Enchanted Evening Photo Booth

A photo booth is more than just a fun addition to your wedding day. From capturing candid moments to providing instant keepsakes, the benefits of having a photo booth are numerous. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of entertainment, creativity, and nostalgia to your wedding day, consider embracing the charm of a photo booth from An Enchanted Evening. We have three kinds of booths to choose from: the classic arcade style, a party booth that can fit up to ten people, or the newest kind, an open-air booth. Contact us today to set up your photo booth rental for your perfect Chicago wedding day, and remember that love is best remembered when surrounded by smiles and laughter captured in a frame.

35 of our Favorite Photo Booth Ideas

Two funny guys making faces at photo booth cameraPhoto booths are becoming more and more popular at weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, school dances… The sky’s the limit with occasions just right for a photo booth, and photo booth prop ideas! Here’s a few of our photo booth prop idea favorites:

  1. Mustaches on a stick
  2. Masks
  3. Super hero capes
  4. Glasses (the sillier you make this photo booth idea, the better)
  5. Fans
  6. Sombreros
  7. Clown noses
  8. Large frame with event date on it
  9. Balloons
  10. Chalk boards (this photo booth idea can be customized by your guests!)
  11. Lips on a stick
  12. Confetti
  13. Feather boas
  14. Berets
  15. Top hats
  16. Grass skirts
  17. Flower necklaces
  18. Mardi Gras necklaces
  19. Crowns
  20. Cheese heads
  21. Mickey Mouse ears
  22. Trophy
  23. Tutus
  24. Headband with antennas
  25. Pirate hat
  26. Antlers (perfect for a holiday party!)
  27. Santa hat (perfect for a holiday party!)
  28. Gloves
  29. Foam finger
  30. Bow ties
  31. “Diamond” necklaces
  32. Fake rings
  33. Paper flowers
  34. Cowboy hats
  35. Ties on a stick

Photo booths are a great way to remember those fun, crazy, and a (little bit or a lot) silly moments.   To make sure you get and keep those memories, rent a quality photo booth so you don’t have to deal with random breakdowns or—worse!—a night with a photo booth and no pictures. You, and your guests, will be thankful you do—and grateful for all your fun photo booth props.