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Ways to Cool Down Your Summer Wedding

wedding bride and groom surprising guests with balloonsWe all have stories of a summer wedding that could be described as a “sauna,” “heat box,” or “the hottest wedding ever.” Don’t let your wedding become another story; instead use these tips to make your summer wedding a cool experience (for all the right reasons!)

Choose lighter clothing for your wedding party.

Don’t make your bridesmaids and groomsmen regret being a part of your big day. When deciding on attire, choose dresses and tuxes made with lighter fabrics. To keep them cool (especially when on the dance floor!), give your attendants flip flops and misters for the wedding dinner and dance.

Schedule accordingly.

The hottest part (usually around noon and afternoon) of a summer day can feel unbearable. Do your best to give your guests a reprieve; schedule your wedding so they are not out in the hot sun when the temperatures are on the rise. Plan accordingly when setting up outdoor ceremonies, dances, and photographs.

Pass out hand fans as favors.

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony or a ceremony in a venue without air conditioning, pass out hand fans that match with the décor. Not only do the fans cool down guests, they’ll look great in wedding photos.

Two words: air conditioning.

When searching for wedding venues for a summer wedding, add another item to the checklist: air conditioning. Your guests’ll (and your DJ!) appreciate your efforts.

Fans, fans, fans.

If your wedding venue doesn’t have air conditioning, ask your venue about ventilation and renting fans for the occasion. Position the fans around the venue accordingly, and communicate with vendors about any fans they might need (for equipment, food, etc.)


Don’t let your wedding become memorable for all the wrong reasons. You don’t want your wedding reception to be known as the night when everyone got sick or because an ambulance had to be called for heat-related illness. Pass out water bottles as a favor and position water stations throughout the reception so everyone can stay healthy and on the dance floor.

Mist your guests.

For the ultimate cool down station, bring in misters for the occasion IF the wedding venue allows. Make sure the misters are positioned so no lighting or equipment is ruined by the moisture. Your guests’ll love the chance to take a dip in between dances.

Provide other (cooler) entertainment.

When the weather is hot, give your guests other ways to entertain themselves (besides dancing) so they can take a break when it’s too hot on the dance floor. Provide yard games at an outdoor wedding, or a photo booth where guests can cool down, relax, and make memories they’ll cherish for years to come.