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5 Ways to Avoid Wedding Disaster on Your Big Day

happy young beautiful bride after wedding ceremony having funA torn dress, drunken toast, unexpected downpour…there are a lot of things that can go wrong on your wedding day.  While you can’t avoid all of the emergencies that come up on your special day, you can take these steps to prepare for any “just in case” situations that could come up on your wedding day.

Have an emergency kit on hand for just in case.

Even if you planned every little detail and obsessed over the schedule a million times, there can still be emergencies (small and large) that interrupt your special day.  Pack an emergency kit with sewing supplies, first aid kit, tissues, umbrella, stain remover, blister meds, medications, wet wipes, mints, snacks, and a paper with all of your wedding vendor cell phone numbers on it (often the office is not open on at night or on a weekend).

Try to get as much done before your wedding day as possible.

Don’t procrastinate on your last contact with your vendors before your wedding; you have enough to worry about in the days before your wedding.  Instead, touch base with your vendors about a week before the wedding to confirm that all the I’s are dotted and t’s crossed.

Have a plan B before the day starts.

There are a lot of things that can come up on your big day: the weather turns nasty, you get a flat tire, your attendant gets overserved.  While you can’t control all of those situations, you can have a plan B in case it storms, the temperatures drop, or the mercury in your thermometer swells (too hot!).  Make sure your vendors do the same; ask your DJ what their plan B is in case the DJ gets sick or equipment breaks.  Do the same with your other vendors as well: videographer, photographer, caterer, etc.

Hire quality vendors.

If you hire an amateur, expect amateur results.  Make sure you hire professionals that come through when you need them; you can usually weed out these vendors based on their past testimonials (the couples they’ve come through for in the past!).  There are two ways to find these reviews: social media and local review sites both give you a window into the work they can do for you and have done in the past.

Make your wedding day a team effort.

Recruit friends and family to help you on your wedding day with any issues that might come up so you can concentrate on what’s important.  This is a great job for friends or family that you didn’t choose as bridesmaids or groomsmen but you would love to play a role in your special day.  Ask these friends or family to get people out on the dance floor, help get people ready for photographs, and to help with anything (or anyone) that demands attention so your day goes off without a hitch.