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How to Choose The Right DJ For Your Event

Hiring a DJ is one of the most affordable ways to add a fun and inviting atmosphere to your next event. Choosing the right DJ for the job may be a challenge if you do not know what to look for before selecting. Keep reading to find out what to look for and how to hire the best DJ for your budget.

How to Choose the Right DJ For Your Event

Finding a great DJ for your event does not have to be hard. You can use these tips to make the process easy and hassle-free.

Customer Ratings

Customers usually leave ratings for any major services they purchase. This is especially true of any service provider, such as a DJ. When customers have a great experience, and the DJ provides the right atmosphere and mix of music, you’ll see plenty of positive reviews posted online. You can check out the reviews on the company’s website, or you can check out one of the major review sites. Knowing what customers have to say about their experiences can help you make a decision.


A DJ’s experience says a lot about their ability to provide a good time. You want to make sure that you choose a DJ who’s had plenty of experience working at the type of event you have planned. It’s best to avoid any inexperienced DJs. Some companies specializing in DJ services have highly trained professionals who know how to create the right atmosphere and will work well with the host to make the experience just right.

Equipment They Use

It is a good idea to find out what type of equipment any prospective DJs use. DJs who use the latest equipment usually deliver the best results. Using newer equipment designed specifically for providing entertainment at events of all sizes is the best bet to avoid technical problems. Do not be afraid to inquire about which type of equipment they use. It can make a big difference in the end.


Before hiring a DJ, ensure they are flexible with your request. You want someone who can work with you and provide the type of music and selection that works best with your crowd. For example, you may not want to hire a DJ who insists on playing classic rock if you plan on having a class reunion for graduates of the 1950s. Likewise, you will want to make sure your DJ can play mood-setting classics if you plan to have them entertained at a wedding. It is also important to ensure they are okay with taking some requests if you think that may happen.

Find a Great DJ Today

Finding a great DJ does not have to be a big challenge. A little bit of research in advance can help you find out which options are the best. If you’re currently looking for a DJ for an upcoming event, check out An Enchanted Evening. Call us today at (847) 490-1000 to request a quote for our services. 

We have DJ’d thousands of events in the past and have professional DJs serving Chicagoland with the latest equipment to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on flexibility and superb customer service. Let us help you create the atmosphere you want and make your event memorable for years to come.

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Why You Should Consider DJ Services for Your Next Event

No matter what type of event you are planning, you will most likely spend a lot of time thinking about the type of entertainment you want to offer. One of the most popular options for entertainment is hiring DJ services. These professionals can help to set the mood and keep your guests entertained and engaged for hours. Whether you are hosting a corporate gathering, a birthday party, or another type of celebration, there are several reasons why this type of entertainment is something that you should consider.

Why You Should Consider DJ Services

There are several reasons why you should consider DJ services for your entertainment option at your next party or event.

A DJ Can Play Your Song Selection

DJ services ensure that you are able to craft a list of all of your favorite songs for you and your guests to listen to throughout the entire night. Whether you want to have all upbeat music, slow songs for dancing, or a mix of various different genres – the customization is all up to you. You simply select what you want to play and let the DJ handle the rest. In some cases, you can even allow guests to choose songs and make requests, which can help keep them engaged and further improve their experience. 

They Have High-Quality Equipment

DJ services often have high-quality equipment. Not having to worry about purchasing this type of equipment on your own can help reduce some of the costs for your party and some of the stress. You simply hire the services and let them worry about the rest.

They Can Help Liven Your Event

Having live entertainment is always appreciated at parties and events. DJ services can help to ensure fresh music continues to play all night long. This can help to liven up your event and get your guests up and dancing all night long. Having an experienced DJ will help to eliminate any awkward moments of silence between songs, as these individuals will know how to add fillers and get your events going in a fun and entertaining way. 

They Can Help You Create a Good Impression

Having DJ services can help you make a great first impression on your guests. DJs tend to provide high-quality and professional services. They offer endless entertainment and allow you to interact with your guests without worrying about music and entertainment. This can help to create a good impression and create memorable moments that last. 

Choosing the right DJ services does not need to be a stressful process. Instead, turn to our team at An Enchanted Evening. We have got you covered!

Get Professional DJ Services in Chicago Today

If you are considering DJ services for your next event, it is important to seek assistance from our professionals. At An Enchanted Evening, we can help you create the perfect song list that truly creates the ambiance you desire. To get started, contact our team at An Enchanted Evening by calling (847) 490-1000 to discuss your needs for DJ services and how our team can ensure they are met.

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Disc Jockeys in Chicago: 3 Benefits of Hiring a DJ

Wedding DJs are an integral part of a wedding. In the United States, the average cost of a DJ is between $875 and $1,100.

If you want your guests to have a good time at your wedding reception, you must have a few key things. Good food and ample seating are two things; another is excellent music. Music can make or break your event and is present in almost every aspect of the wedding, from the ceremony music to getting people on the dance floor at the reception.

This article covers three great benefits you gain from hiring disc jockeys in Chicago for your event. Keep reading to learn more.

1. They Have the Right Equipment

One of the primary benefits of hiring disc jockeys in Chicago is they supply professional equipment with their services. Proper sound equipment is essential for your guests to have a good time. Furthermore, the DJ will have the necessary experience in using the equipment and will arrive before the event starts to set it up.

When you hire a professional DJ with their own professional equipment, you don’t need to rely on a Spotify playlist from your smartphone. This makes paying the cost of a DJ worthwhile.

2. They Provide Ambiance

Experienced disc jockeys will know how to read the room and adjust the beats accordingly. For example, when food is served, your DJ will change the music to something more appropriate for the activity. Typically music such as soft, smooth jazz is played during dinner, and then the music gets kicked up later for dancing.

If you use an iPhone to manage your music, you cannot easily change the music if you see the dance floor is waning. Professional DJs in Chicago will notice when a particular tempo is not working and change it to something different. This can mean the difference between a full and an empty dance floor.

3. A Wide Range of Music

The third benefit you gain from professional disc jockeys in Chicago is access to their music collection. While using Spotify may be a tempting way to save money, it will take you a long time to assemble a worthy playlist.

Wedding DJs will have their own music collection and extensive catalog knowledge. This makes it easy for them to find and play the right music for your event. When you use an iPhone and Spotify to manage your playlist, you’re at the mercy of whatever song is next in the queue.

Hire Top Disc Jockeys in Chicago for Your Event

Too often, people assume omitting the DJ from their event will save money. While true, it’s at the expense of your event’s success.

When using an iPhone to play your music, you must compile your own playlist and find a guest to manage it. Hiring disc jockeys in Chicago will be the difference between a mediocre party and a great one.

Find the best DJ for your event by looking at our services. With over 6,000 events completed and over a dozen awards, you can’t go wrong with An Enchanted Evening.

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How Much Does a DJ Cost for a Wedding?

Summer is here and it is a great time to have a wedding. Beautiful wedding weather will continue through the fall and many couples are taking advantage.

Did you know that the average wedding costs nearly $23,000? This average figure is skewed by the pandemic, as wedding costs were closing in on $30,000 in 2019.

Entertaining your guests is at the top of the priority list. Your goal as a couple is to throw a party that every guest will never forget.

This leaves many couples wondering how much do DJs cost at a wedding. Read on to learn about hiring a DJ and other topics related to wedding entertainment.

How Much Do DJs Cost?

The cost of a DJ depends on the services that you want and the options that you select. The best way to look at DJ hire costs is to start with a base price.

There are a number of factors that drive the base price. Location plays a major role in DJ pricing. DJs working in large cities like Chicago are going to cost more than one covering a rural Illinois area. In Chicago, the cost of a DJ ranges from $1,200 to $3,585.

The duration of the wedding is another driving factor. A five-hour wedding is going to cost more than a three-hour wedding. A DJ’s hourly rate is up to $150 so additional time is naturally going to increase the price.

Continue reading for a breakdown of other costs that may impact your quote. Explore DJ add-ons that are popular at Chicago weddings:

Photo Booths

Adding a photo booth to your wedding is one of the best ways to make it a memorable evening. Some companies provide a makeshift photo booth with a portable camera on a tripod.

Instead, we offer an Arcade photo booth cabinet. It is a heavy-duty metal structure with a built-in camera. All electronics are fully integrated into the photo booth including a professional-style printer.

Your guests can use our touchscreen monitor to select photos and printing options. Within 7 seconds, they are given 4 photos on a 2×6 photo strip. Guests can use our full array of photo props making for a fun session.


Many wedding couples want specialized lighting to make their wedding venue even more special. High-quality lighting can spruce up even the dullest venue.

The newlyweds may want the ballroom to illuminate in specific colors. There is even the capability to write your name on the ballroom wall in our lighting.

Video Montage

There are so many great memories to share with your wedding guests. What better way than to display them on a projector screen for all to see?

The best wedding DJs can offer you a video montage service. They accompany your best video clips with the perfect song to draw the room’s attention.

Recapping Wedding DJ Pricing

Wedding DJ pricing is going to vary based on the couple’s needs. Variables like time, location, and add-ons are going to increase or decrease the price accordingly.

The best way to lock in a reliable price estimate is by meeting with a wedding DJ. If you are wondering how much do DJs cost for a wedding, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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The Ultimate Guide on How Much DJ Services in Chicago Cost

Are you planning a special event this holiday season? Want to make sure that all of your guests enjoy a memorable evening, without breaking the bank?

If you’re looking for a simple cost comparison of the best DJs Chicago has to offer, we’ve got you covered!

Read on to find out how much you can expect to spend on a night of toe-tapping beats in the windy city!

How Much to Hire the Best DJs Chicago Has to Offer?

Whether you’re planning a winter wedding or a holiday jam, a party without music isn’t much of a party at all. Everyone knows that the cost of a DJ is money well spent. But, exactly how much can you a DJ in Chicago to set you back?

We’ve got the answer here…in our ultimate DJ cost comparison guide!

What to Consider When Hiring a DJ for Your Event

There are a few considerations to think about when hiring a DJ for your soiree. 

Transportation and Set-Up Fees

When you hire a Chicago DJ, they’ll need to transport and set up their equipment before they can begin to bring the beats to you and your guests. This often takes time and effort, which can impact the total cost of their services.

Expected travel time, the overall distance of travel that’s required, and the time that it takes to set up and take down equipment are all factors that can influence entertainment costs.

This is one reason that you want to be sure to hire local entertainment for your event whenever possible. If your DJ has to travel many miles to attend your event, you can expect the cost to rise accordingly.

Skill Level and Experience

Another set of factors that come into play when hiring a high-quality DJ is their level of skill and experience. 

Obviously, a highly-skilled DJ that’s racked up many years of experience on the job is going to charge slightly more than those with little or no prior disc jockey experience.

While it can be tempting to hire the lowest-priced option, remember that there is some truth to getting what you pay for. Plus, it is possible to get the most bang for your buck by hiring an experienced, yet still budget-friendly Chicago-based DJ.

Equipment Quality

When you start cutting corners on skill level and experience, you might also begin to cut corners in ways that you hadn’t intended. In other words, inexperienced disc jockeys may not bring the high-quality equipment of their more seasoned peers.

The last thing that you want for your event is to save a few bucks to sacrifice high-quality sound.

Find the Right Chicago Disc Jockey for the Right Price

No matter what your occasion or your budget, there’s a DJ in Chicago for you.

An Enchanted Evening has the best DJs Chicago has to offer…at every price. Look no further for high-quality entertainment that fits your needs and your price range.

Contact An Enchanted Evening to find the right Chicago DJ for your event today!

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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a DJ

When you plan a gathering, one of the most important parts of it is the entertainment. Entertainment in the past has come in many forms. For weddings, this has included even live bands.

As of recent years, the most popular part of a weeing has been hiring a great DJ. Hiring great disk jockeys in Chicago isn’t as easy as flipping open the phone book and picking one off the page. You want to know that your DJ is the right one for you.

When searching for DJs in Chicagoland, there are several questions you want to ask. Here are several areas to keep in mind while you make those DJ decisions.  

What Is Their Experience

One of the things you may want to look into is what the DJ’s history is like. Have they been in the business long? Do they have clients who would recommend them?

Ask your potential DJ what they have done before. Get a feel for what their prior history is and what they like about being a DJ. This will help you understand who they are and what they will add to your gathering.

Inquire About Their Equipment 

The last thing you want to do is find out that your DJ has no equipment. Ask your potential DJ what they have. Inquire if they need more speakers or anything else that you might be able to rent. 

This will tell you if what they’re charging you is adequate for their services. It will also guarantee that you will have a sound that is loud enough for the venue. 

How Much Does a DJ Cost? 

Wedding DJs’ prices may be overwhelming to you. You’re paying for a person’s time and skills. You want to make sure that you have enough in your budget to pay for their services.

Make sure that when you’re allocating funds for your wedding or gathering, you leave plenty for the DJ. A good DJ could be on the expensive side. DJing is more costly than you might be thinking.

Know Their Style 

One of the areas you’re going to want to know when selecting a DJ is what their style is. DJs in Chicago have a wide range of preferences. You’re going to want to know that their style will fit with yours.

Take, for example, if the DJ only likes to play techno, you wouldn’t want them at your hoedown. It all depends on what you’re looking for in the sound for your large gathering.

Find the Right DJ in Chicagoland 

Make sure that the DJ you hire is the right fit for your wedding or gathering. You want to be sure that they have the right sound that will enhance your party. These questions to keep in mind will help you with your decisions.

Finding the right DJ in Chicagoland for your party will ensure that your gathering is one to remember. After all, what is a party without entertainment? Contact us to get more information about what our services can provide for your next party.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Disc Jockeys in Chicago

It’s no exaggeration to say that selecting the right disk jockey for your party could make or break your event. If the DJ has the right equipment and track selection, you’re sure of a night to remember. 

Sadly, many events fall flat due to booking the wrong DJ for the job. This article tells you how to find the best disc jockeys in Chicago. 

1. Price

So, how much do DJs cost? The price of disk jockeys in Chicago varies a lot. It could range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Generally speaking, you can expect wedding DJs prices to be higher. 

In Chicago, you should be wary of DJs who charge very little. Often, you’ll find that these DJs have cheap or unreliable equipment. If you want a professional DJ, you’ll need to pay professional prices. 

2. Experience

On the face of things, DJs in Chicago have an easy job. They simply play tracks that people want to hear through a good sound system, and everyone has a good time. 

In reality, the job is a lot more difficult. Building and maintaining a quality sound system isn’t an easy job, and a DJ needs to be very professional if they want to avoid things going wrong. 

A lot of technical knowledge is necessary if you want to work through the inevitable issues that will arise when DJing. Make sure you hire someone up to the task

3. Emcee Ability

For some events, you might want the DJ to get on the microphone to talk to the crowd. For other events, this might not be a factor. Make sure you choose a DJ who fits what you have in mind for your event.

If you want the DJ to also act as an Emcee, make sure you make that clear from the start. 

4. Equipment

For a DJ in Chicagoland, it’s all about the equipment. A good DJ needs to have a high-quality sound system with reliable gear to run through it. A good DJ should be able to provide you with a list of exactly what they use. 

Some DJs just provide the audio setup, but some might provide lighting as well. It’s important that you don’t make any assumptions about what the DJ is going to provide. 

5. Style

One of the most important things when selecting a DJ is to pick one with the right style. It’s not enough to simply hire a “DJ” as they might not be a good fit for your event. 

For example, a DJ who plays underground house and techno probably isn’t appropriate for a wedding. Make sure you pick someone with the right sound. 

Now You Know More About Hiring Disc Jockeys in Chicago

When hiring disc jokeys in Chicago, it’s all about finding a DJ with the right style who has reliable equipment. If you want to hire the perfect Chicago based DJ for your wedding, take a look at our booking page

6 HUGE Perks of Hiring a Wedding DJ

bride and guests at wedding reception dancing to wedding djBand versus DJ? DJ versus DIY wedding reception music? It’s one of the first decisions every couple must make when planning their wedding reception.  We’ve broken down the pros and cons of bands versus DJ’s before, but now we’re delving into the specific advantages of hiring a wedding DJ for your big day; specifically, a professional wedding DJ, because there is a differencea difference that can impact the quality of your wedding reception.


Because they are not confined to a certain genre of music, a DJ can personalize your wedding music to your specific tastes (and your pet peeves)—and your guests’ tastes too.  A DJ can honor any requests from your guests, from your uncle’s love of the classics to your friends’ more modern tastes.

Dinner music

Many DJ’s provide complementary dinner music as part of their services, giving your wedding dinner a special ambiance—and one less thing for you to worry about on your already-busy big day.


A DJ is a built-in emcee for your evening; a coordinator that can work with your venue and vendors to make sure your evening runs exactly as planned.  A good professional DJ can make sure your videographer or photographer (or both) are in the right spot for special moments such as your first dance or a father-daughter dance.


If your wedding budget is a consideration—or if you want the best “bang for your buck”—a DJ checks off all the boxes.  Not only is a DJ less expensive than a band, a DJ typically performs longer (such as during dinner) and includes more extras in their dinner package, such as lighting, a photo booth, etc.


We’ve all heard the wedding nightmare stories when a vital piece of equipment breaks or someone can’t come or… If you hire a professional wedding DJ, you not only get an experienced DJ but the reassurance that two of those scenarios won’t happen at your wedding (at least when it comes to your reception entertainment).  Professional DJ companies not only have excellent equipment, but quality back-up equipment and another experienced DJ for those “just in case” emergency situations.


Most DJs offer a package with bonus entertainment options (contact your preferred DJ for information about their specific packages): extra lighting, an enhanced sound system, photo booth—all the extras you need to put your wedding reception over the top.