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How to Choose The Right DJ For Your Event

Hiring a DJ is one of the most affordable ways to add a fun and inviting atmosphere to your next event. Choosing the right DJ for the job may be a challenge if you do not know what to look for before selecting. Keep reading to find out what to look for and how to hire the best DJ for your budget.

How to Choose the Right DJ For Your Event

Finding a great DJ for your event does not have to be hard. You can use these tips to make the process easy and hassle-free.

Customer Ratings

Customers usually leave ratings for any major services they purchase. This is especially true of any service provider, such as a DJ. When customers have a great experience, and the DJ provides the right atmosphere and mix of music, you’ll see plenty of positive reviews posted online. You can check out the reviews on the company’s website, or you can check out one of the major review sites. Knowing what customers have to say about their experiences can help you make a decision.


A DJ’s experience says a lot about their ability to provide a good time. You want to make sure that you choose a DJ who’s had plenty of experience working at the type of event you have planned. It’s best to avoid any inexperienced DJs. Some companies specializing in DJ services have highly trained professionals who know how to create the right atmosphere and will work well with the host to make the experience just right.

Equipment They Use

It is a good idea to find out what type of equipment any prospective DJs use. DJs who use the latest equipment usually deliver the best results. Using newer equipment designed specifically for providing entertainment at events of all sizes is the best bet to avoid technical problems. Do not be afraid to inquire about which type of equipment they use. It can make a big difference in the end.


Before hiring a DJ, ensure they are flexible with your request. You want someone who can work with you and provide the type of music and selection that works best with your crowd. For example, you may not want to hire a DJ who insists on playing classic rock if you plan on having a class reunion for graduates of the 1950s. Likewise, you will want to make sure your DJ can play mood-setting classics if you plan to have them entertained at a wedding. It is also important to ensure they are okay with taking some requests if you think that may happen.

Find a Great DJ Today

Finding a great DJ does not have to be a big challenge. A little bit of research in advance can help you find out which options are the best. If you’re currently looking for a DJ for an upcoming event, check out An Enchanted Evening. Call us today at (847) 490-1000 to request a quote for our services. 

We have DJ’d thousands of events in the past and have professional DJs serving Chicagoland with the latest equipment to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on flexibility and superb customer service. Let us help you create the atmosphere you want and make your event memorable for years to come.