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8 Ways to Entertain the Kids at Your Wedding Reception

young boy at wedding with groomsmen having funYou’ve invited kids to your wedding. Now your wedding is a family event that everyone’s looking forward to! Why not plan wedding reception entertainment that meets their expectations?

Adding children entertainment to a wedding reception is a win-win for everyone (and not that hard, especially when you hire quality wedding entertainment!). Not only does it keep the kids busy, but it also puts their parents and grandparents at ease so they can relax and have fun.

Photo booth

Kids’ll love picking out fun props for their photos; their parents’ll love sharing the fun photos! If you know kids are going to be sifting through the props, leave out the adult-only items (ideas for photo booth props here). Make sure you rent a reliable and quality unit, then get ready to view some fun (and silly) kid photos.

Coloring fun

Coloring pages are a classic kid entertainment that’ll keep them busy and entertained. During the wedding dinner, put out place mats that they can color and customize. During the dance, turn one of the tables into a coloring table with coloring and activity sheets.


There’s a reason why dancing is the traditional wedding reception activity: guests of all ages enjoy it and almost everyone likes to “cut a rug” from time to time. When hosting a family-friendly dance, talk to your DJ about songs that suit all ages and ways to entertain everyone in the family.


A bucket of bubbles is a huge draw for your youngest guests—and even a cool way for older kids to have fun! If your wedding reception is inside, make sure you ask your wedding venue if it’s okay to blow the bubbles inside. To include kids in your reception, have them blow bubbles before and during the wedding party entrance! (Don’t forget to tell your DJ about your plan, he or she can make the announcement…and make it more fun.)

Yard games

Bowling, ring toss, mini golf…yard games are a great way for kids to have fun during breaks from the dance floor. Even if you don’t have an outdoor space for yard games, many of these games can be played inside (take steps to make sure the venue is not damaged).


If it works with your table décor, put out Legos on the table (coordinate with your floors for fun) for kids to play with during dinner. For a larger statement, leave a stack of cardboard bricks in the corner or hallway for kids to play with after dinner.

Table games

Table trivia is a big hit with adults. To include younger guests, simplify the table games so they can take part in the fun. Come up with simpler crossword puzzles, word games, and trivia cards.

Kid Room

The best form of entertainment at your wedding can be one or all of the options listed above. If there is space in the venue, designate a room as the “kid room,” a space for kid entertainment and games. For an added bonus for parents, hire professional help to keep an eye on the kids so everyone can enjoy your wedding reception.