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8 WOW-Worthy Ways to Enter Your Wedding Reception

wedding dance floor with deejayYou’ve gone to great lengths to make your wedding reception extra special—the DJ, cake, venue, the works—now it’s time to grab another opportunity: your entrance into your wedding reception.

Arrive via boat, motorcycle, or helicopter

If a unique entrance is your thing, and you’re known for your love of motors and/or air, make your entrance one that everyone’ll remember. If your venue is on the water, pull up in a pontoon boat to the pier. For a dramatic air entrance, step off of a helicopter or air drop into a flat area next to your venue. If you love motorcycles, arrive on your favorite bike (with cans out back for a fun effect?!) with a sign that says ‘Just married!’ No matter what kind of unique entrance you choose, make sure you bring your DJ into the act; they can make an announcement that herds your guests to greet you.

Roll out the red carpet

Perfectly suited for a vintage or Hollywood-themed wedding, a red carpet rolled out seconds before your grand entrance makes a statement. For extra effect, add a spotlight, group of paparazzi photographers swarming the red carpet to take pictures, and music selected by your DJ that puts your red carpet entrance over the top.


For an outdoor wedding, sparklers can give you a fantastic visual entrance (and some pretty spectacular photos!). Make sure you exercise caution so your fireworks entrance doesn’t turn into a fire or a trip to the emergency room (both memorable, but not the pleasant angle you’re going for).

Balloon or confetti drop

If sparklers aren’t possible but you still want all the flare, ask your DJ to coordinate music with your venue lighting system. Turn out the lights (with or without music) to build suspense. When the lights come back on, coordinate the perfectly-timed balloon or confetti drop for full BIG effect.


Are you a couple who has a flare for the dramatic? Hire a DJ that has the music selection to make this entrance over the top, and the acrobats that can make your guests flip over your dramatic entrance.

Line dance

Play into your country-themed wedding with a line dance entrance. This entrance takes a bit of “people coordination.” You’ll need to rehearse with your wedding party before hand to pull it off, and talk to your DJ so he/she has the right tunes ready for your hoe-down, but the right entrance justifies your entrance.

Finish lines

Love to push each other in a weekend marathon or 5K? Have fun with it. Give your bridal party finish lines and have them make you work through the line, or have some fun seeing who can win in your fun reception race. Ask your DJ to get your guests into the act and cheering you on with the right race music that’ll pump everyone up.