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Wedding Guests Requests: Fun Ways to Make it Happen

wedding where they take requestsPersonalizing song requests is a fun way to make your wedding more fun for your guests. Everyone loves to hear (and hopefully dance to) their favorite song, so why not make it reality for your guests? The first step is to choose a DJ that can take requests, then use these ways to make it happen—and have fun with the fun requests!

Add a line to your wedding RSVP.

Take your guests’ song requests before your big day; add a line on your wedding RSVP cards for guests to put in their song title and artist. You can use standard language or be creative with it. If you are hosting a vintage wedding, use slang terms from your chosen era to play into your theme, like “your favorite hits to play on our turntable.” Make sure you add their requests to the “must play list” you give to your DJ.

Make a sign.

If you don’t have room on your invite, or you’d rather take requests on the night of your wedding, make a sign that goes with your décor. Place it on a table near the DJ (but not too near, you don’t want guests to spill their drinks on their state-of-the-art equipment!). You can even add the ‘rules of requests,’ such as don’t expect the song to play immediately, no drinking by the DJ (your DJ will appreciate this!), and keep it clean (if you have kids attending!).

Add it to your table activities.

Some couples choose to add trivia cards to their table décor, others ask for their guests’ best wedding advice. For another twist, add a fun request form to your table. Make sure you ask your DJ (your emcee!) to let your guests know the form is there and what to do with their requests once they have them written out.

Set up an interactive song request.

If incorporating a hashtag for your big day isn’t enough techie for you, set up an interactive song request for your guests. Give your guests a way to use their smart phones and tablets to send in their requests both before and during your wedding. Remember, though, if you ask for their request, you have to put up with whatever songs come your way; song requests should come with a ‘at risk’ sign.