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7 Memorable Wedding Reception Surprises Your Guests’ll Never Forget

scene of bride and groom just married after a smooth wedding dayWant to make your wedding stand out from the crowd? Great wedding grub, a personalized theme…it all makes a statement, but a really good wedding surprise sends your wedding reception guests over the top. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of spectacular wedding surprises that’s sure to make your special day a wedding reception your guests aren’t going to forget any time soon.

Plan a surprise first dance with your new spouse

Dance lessons are a great way to put your best foot forward at your wedding reception—especially if your dance is really unique. If you have a theme, plan a dance that coordinates with for a fun way to tie together your details. Whatever kind of fun step you come up with, make sure you choose a wedding DJ who can build up to your first dance and give it the special attention it deserves.

A free fall

Confetti. Balloons. Rose petals. Stir up excitement with a surprise drop of confetti or balloons during your wedding reception (with your venue’s permission, of course!). Ask your DJ for the perfect song that fits with the surprise drop.

Make a creative entrance

Surprise your audience with an entrance that’ll surprise your guests. Ask your DJ for ideas; you can enter amidst the glow of sparklers (again, with your venue’s permission), with a flash mob, from a flash of smoke, or appear in the middle of the room after the lights go out.  Make it fun!

Invite a surprise guest

Give your guests something to talk about: a surprise guest. Talk to your DJ about stirring up your crowd as they buzz about the ultimate entrance of a celebrity impersonator (that fits with your vintage wedding or theme), your school mascot, or a surprise friend or family member that no one expects.

Dance lessons…for your guests!

Don’t keep the fun of dance lessons to yourselves; hire a dance instructor to give a group lesson to your guests. For a country wedding, hire a DJ who can play the perfect song while the dance instructor gives line dance lessons. If you’re planning a vintage wedding, have an instructor teach a classic dance to your guests. By the end of the night, you’ll have your own flash mob.

Photo booth props

Be REALLY creative! Use our list of photo booth props, or have crazy fun with your choices. Your choices not only give your guests something fun to do when they’re not on the dance floor (use these tips for awesome photo booth fun), but they create a buzz among your guests.

Fireworks (if allowed, of course!)

Fireworks are the ultimate surprise—if you can keep it under wraps. If your plan is to watch fireworks inside, ask your DJ to play music that coordinates up to your big boom.