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How to Compile the Perfect Wedding ‘Do Not Play’ List

guests dancing to wedding djThe list of most commonly banned wedding songs just came out, and, not surprisingly, some American favorites (sorry Chicken Dance!) are on the list. There are also a few takeaways that you can use as you craft the perfect wedding Do Not Play list for your DJ.

Choose a DJ that asks for your “must not play” list.

It’s fairly common for DJ’s to ask for Do Not Play lists, but don’t assume that all DJ’s are equal. Ask your DJ if they can honor your do-not-requests, and listen to those warning bells that go off in your head if they cannot customize their play list to your specific tastes. Vet your choice for DJ carefully, and look for these red flags to make sure you and your guests have a good time.

Don’t make your list too long.

As much as you may hate all those hokey songs (yes, YMCA and Macarena, we’re talking about you), remember those are the classics that get people on to the dance floor. The takeaway: while some of those songs may make your hair stand on end, be prepared to make exceptions for certain songs that your DJ can use to get your guests out on the dance floor.

Know your audience.

As much as this is your wedding, realize that you may need to keep certain songs off your Do Not Play list that your friends or relatives absolutely love. For example, if you come from a family that’s proud of their German heritage, you may need to keep polkas off your Do Not Play list and move a few to the Do Play list so your family can get in a few dance moves. Or if you hate country music, but you know your friends love it, look for a few songs that you don’t absolutely despise for their sake. Ask your DJ for recommendations if you need help with this process.

Use these common ‘do not play’ songs to start your list.

There are some songs that are absolutely annoying, and other songs that are incredibly inappropriate for your wedding. Know the difference; you don’t want your wedding reception to be incredibly awkward for everyone. If you’re looking for absolutely annoying, here are a few songs (or kinds of music) that couples should exclude:

  • Heavy metal (there are a few exceptions)
  • “My Heart Will Go On”-Celine Dion
  • Hard-core gangsta rap
  • Many “boy band” songs
  • “I touch myself” – Divinyls
  • “You’re so Vain” – Carly Simon
  • “Love Stinks” – The J. Geils Band
  • “Tainted Love” – Soft Cell
  • “My Humps” – Black Eyed Peas

Remember, when you’re choosing your DJ, you chose them for a reason; hopefully that’s their expertise. Your Do Not Play list doesn’t have to be a million pages. Trust your DJ to know what’s inappropriate and what works; if you have any doubts, it’s time to add your DJ to your Do Not Play list and find a new one.