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10 Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Reception Dance

wedding guests in photo booth with silly hats and funny facesEveryone’s been to the same old wedding reception dance.  You dance, you drink, you sit around and talk.  If you’re looking to up the ante at your wedding dance, and make it, well, fun (because isn’t that the point?), it’s time to add some spice to your special night so your guests are enjoying themselves.

Personalized song requests

If you want to involve your guests in your wedding play list, ask for their input before the wedding reception.  Ask your guests for their requests on your invitation, and hire a DJ that can make their song requests a reality and get your guests out on the dance floor.

Photo booth

Nights of fun come and go but pictures from a photo booth last forever…and remind you over and over what an awesome night it was at your wedding.  Use our list of fun photo booth props to make the night’s photos even more memorable.  Make sure you rent a quality photo booth from a reliable company so you can follow through on your promise for a fun night.

Table games

No matter how great your DJ or band is, you’re always going to have lapses in the action—and guests who need entertaining.  Create personalized table games for your guests (Mad libs, anyone?) that include clues related to the newlyweds or put out the classic board games at every table for a fun night.

Group dance

Entertain your guests with a surprise first dance, flash mob, or a pre-planned special dance with your wedding party.  Make everyone take note when you and your bridesmaids start dancing on cue, or when your whole wedding party busts a move.

Late night fun course

Don’t just order a few pizzas at the end of the night.  Entertain your guests with a late night course that’s fun and delicious, like gourmet pretzels, sliders, specialty fries, camp fire treats, or a fun feast served from a food truck.

Little people fun

Plan entertainment for the littlest people at your wedding. It’ll make their night (and their parents) a lot of fun, and give them something to do when they’re not on the dance floor.  Put out crayons, coloring and activity sheets, and other fun games they’ll enjoy.

DJ Trivia

To get even the most table-happy guests out of their seat, ask your DJ to lead your guests in a night of trivia.  Ask your guests to stand up and sit if they have birthdays in a certain month, are wearing red, etc., etc.  Or have your guests answer questions about you as a couple and give out fun prizes (bingo?).  To make it fun, hire a DJ that is as good of a game show host as an emcee.


If your venue allows, a splash of confetti is sure to surprise your guests and give them something to remember (along with these other fun wedding reception surprises).  Coordinate the confetti drop with your DJ so the confetti drops at just the right time during just the right song.

Special appearance

For a fun touch, hire an entertainer to get your guests talking.  If you’re planning a vintage wedding, hire celebrity impersonators from the era to join your guests on the dance floor.  For a magical evening, hire a magician to make a special appearance (again, coordinate it with your DJ).

Cue cards

If you want to spice up the normal wedding toasts, use these tips for a great wedding toast and cue cards to get the guests in on the act.  Make up cue cards and have someone hold them up during the toasts or during another fun part of your reception.