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15 Wedding Reception Surprises that WOW Your Guests

wedding bride and groom surprising guests with balloonsVery few couples we know try to plan a boring wedding reception; obviously if they come to us, they want to have fun.  One way to up the fun ante at your wedding reception is to surprise your wedding guests by giving them something that makes them say, “WOW”—and keeps them talking about it through many of your anniversaries. Because every couple and wedding is different, there are a lot of surprises that’ll fit with your wedding—and make you happy you kept your secret.

  1. Plan a surprise first dance with your new spouse (coordinate it with your wedding DJ)
  2. Have confetti (or something else, with the hall’s permission) fall from the ceiling while the guests are dancing (ask your wedding DJ for the perfect song that works!)
  3. Make your entrance into the wedding hall fun (i.e. confetti, turn the lights out, DJ plays song that you can dance as you enter, etc.)
  4. Invite a surprise guest: hire an impersonator to stir up celebrity buzz
  5. Set up dance lessons for your guests (ask your DJ for song suggestions)
  6. Surprise photo booth where they can take surprisingly fun photos
  7. Sing to your guests (ask your DJ for the song to sing with)
  8. Three words: wedding flash mob
  9. Hire a magician wow your guests during dinner (it’ll be a magical day!)
  10. Have your favorite mascot join you on the dance floor
  11. Let your guests make their own wedding favors
  12. Surprise your family and friends by planning to have a family member or friend show up that they don’t expect
  13. Plan a surprise and fun late night snack (i.e. food cart, popcorn, etc.)
  14. Hire a face painter for your youngest wedding guests (and for anyone heading into the photo booth!)
  15. Fireworks (if allowed, of course!)

Want more ideas?  Ask your DJ for surprise ideas for your wedding guests.  They can help you coordinate the perfect wedding surprise that’ll leave a very UNIQUE impression at your wedding reception.