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8 Tips for an Awesomely Fun Wedding Reception

guests dancing to wedding reception entertainmentTrying to plan a memorable wedding reception? We’ve been privileged to be part of a few wedding receptions (or 10 or 1,000 or so…) Though each wedding reception is uniquely different, there are some steps you can take when planning to make your wedding reception an incredible and unforgettable night of fun.

Don’t put off hiring the best wedding reception entertainment (you want the best!).

The saying “if you snooze you lose” is very, VERY relevant to wedding reception entertainment. To get the best, and have a GREAT time, make sure to book your wedding entertainment early—as soon as you have a date, time, and confirmed wedding venue.

Set up kid fun zones.

Hire a babysitter to watch kids in another room, or set up tables with coloring books, crayons, and paper table cloths specifically for your youngest guests. If the weather is nice, you can also keep them entertained with bubbles and fun yard games.

Limit the time of wedding toasts, and photo slideshows, and videos, and…

There is such thing as too much (really!). To keep your wedding reception running smoothly, and your guests in a good mood, keep your dinner slideshows, toasts, and other dinner entertainment to a minimum. Finally, don’t get so caught up in your dinner program that you don’t allow time for your guests to enjoy each other’s company and talk.

Plan more food than just a dinner.

If you want your guests to have a good time and stay on the dance floor, plan on fueling their dancing moves with refreshments throughout the evening. Ask your caterer to set out finger foods periodically, or order a pizza (if your wedding venue allows) late in the evening.

Hire a GOOD DJ for the perks.

A good DJ is worth their weight in gold (read how you can tell the difference between amateurs and good DJs here). In addition to keeping your dance floor going, a DJ can also offer ceremony music, an emcee for the dinner and dance, a coordinator with your photographer and videographer (so they get the good shots), lighting, and an awesome sound system.

Give your guests more to do than just dance.

Since you’re providing your little ones coloring tables and fun time, do the same for the adults (minus the coloring books). Rent a photo booth (or contact a company that includes photo booths as part of their entertainment package) for a documented night of fun.


Give your guests a pleasant surprise at your reception: something unique that fits you and your fiancé and no one else knows about. It could be a choreographed first dance, a memory-filled table, video full of thank you’s, or a surprise ride for your first wedding night.

Enjoy yourself.

Relax. Have fun! Your awesome wedding reception is the culmination of all your hard work. Dance the night away with your friends and family and enjoy every second.