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Tips for Avoiding a Terribly Boring First Dance

bride and guests at wedding reception dancing to reception entertainerIf you’re a couple who doesn’t want your guests to watch a boring sway back and forth during your first dance, these ideas are for you.

Choreograph the first dance.

Choreographed first dances are all the rage, but the exact nature of the first dance is totally up to you. Depending on your wedding atmosphere, you can choose a traditional dance, an ethnic song that’s close to your heart, or a really modern dance that showcases your moves. Make sure you select a song that totally exudes who you are as a couple (use this list of tips and avoid creepy or awkward songs, for the sake of your guests) and have fun with it. Don’t forget to practice (a lot)!

Surprise guests with a shocking visitor.

A celebrity (or celebrity look alike), friend or family member who lives far away, school mascot…the options are endless for this fun surprise. Remember, mum’s the word for optimal shock value. Be really creative with the idea, and don’t forget to coordinate the surprise with the DJ who can have fun with cool lights and songs perfect for the moment. (Use these tips for choosing a DJ who can totally pull this surprise off.)

Coordinate a surprise medley with the DJ.

One of the newest trends is to mix up the first dance with a medley. This is a great idea for couples who can’t just choose one first dance song or who want to choreograph along with the music. For extra shock factor, start with a slow number and then bust a fun move. If you want to reinforce a wedding theme, choose a series of songs that reinforce the atmosphere. Then, have fun!

Bring on the flash mob.

A flash mob is a fantastic idea for any couple looking to add drama exponentially to their first dance. If you chose a groovy bunch of attendants, include them in on the fun (think of it as a bonding experience). If they politely decline, head to a local entertainment agent or dance studio to hire a flash mob just for the occasion. (As always, don’t forget to mention it to the DJ so he/she can cue the lights and music at just the right time!)

Do a confetti drop.

This first dance idea is for couples who don’t mind a little confetti (or balloons or…) in their hair. Before setting this idea in stone, always ask the venue if they allow a confetti drop. If you get permission, ask the DJ for ideas on how to make the moment extra dramatic.

Add a video to the fun.

If you want to add technology to the first dance, cue up the moment with a video or have a video going while you dance. The video can be a fun montage of all your special moments together, a chronological group of photos or videos that led to this moment, or a group of well-wishing videos from all your friends and family. Either way, it’s a sweet way to build up to your first dance together or—for shyer couples—to take some of the attention off of you.

Ask your DJ for suggestions.

There are a ton of ways to spice up the first dance, and chances are your DJ has seen quite a few of them. Don’t hesitate them about other couples’ first dances so you can customize their idea into your own. Hopefully, you chose your DJ because they are the ultimate pro. Use it!

10 Tips for Selecting the Right First Dance Song

bride and groom at small wedding receptionA first dance with your new spouse is a special wedding reception moment; one that should be accompanied by a very special song. We’ve assisted many Chicagoland couples with planning their wedding reception—and specifically their wedding first dance. Some couples have a definite idea of what “their” song is, and others are still trying to find the right song for the occasion. If you’re in the latter category, use these tips to select the right first dance song for the perfect wedding reception.

Think back to your early dating days.

Memorable moments can be the perfect inspiration—and the song doesn’t always have to be playing at the time. Sometimes the right song can describe that moment perfectly, either in sentiment or in perfect detail (almost like they were there…).

Ask your family and friends for ideas.

If you want to pay homage to someone special, such as parents or grandparents, ask that person or persons for the song that played during their first dance with their husband or wife. It’s also okay to ask for suggestions from friends and family; it can even be fun to do a general survey and get input from your friends (just remember that it’s your wedding day and your first dance).

Find inspiration in a fav.

How much fun would it be to dance to your absolute favorite song? The right first dance song doesn’t have always have to be slow; if you want a unique first dance that’s close to your heart, opt for your absolute fav song—just make sure it’s your spouse’s new favorite too.

Listen to songs.

The simplest advice for finding the right first dance song for your big day is to just listen. Mix up your favorite tunes and listen to a random mix, both on your own and as a couple.

Make the decision together.

When making the decision for your first dance together as newlyweds, find some commonality so you can make the selection as a couple. Look for some commonality, such as a favorite movie (and movie sound track), musical, or special past time.

Decide what era song is right for your wedding atmosphere.

It’s the age-old wedding first dance debate: modern versus vintage? The answer depends on the existing wedding day details. If planning a vintage wedding, find inspiration in the decade of the wedding. Make a new hobby of listening to the classics and finding the right song that fits your love story.

Have your friends “nominate” songs.

If you want a fun way to get your guests’ input, hold a contest on your wedding website or on the RSVP cards. It’s simple: come up with your top 3 choices for first dance songs and ask your guests to vote on it. Once the votes have been calculated, make a big deal about announcing the winning song at the wedding reception.

Choose the song based on the dance.

Have a favorite dance that shows all your best moves—or a few? Show off your fancy dance moves with a specially choreographed dance or medley. To up the ante, keep your dance lessons a secret from everyone—except your DJ. Get your DJ in on the fun, and let them make a big deal about your surprise.

Keep it short and sweet.

A wedding first dance is a special moment, but don’t let the moment be too long or boring for guests. When choosing the first dance song, choose a song that is not too long (ask your DJ if you are concerned about your first dance song length). You don’t want your guests to leave because it’s taking too long to get back on the dance floor.

Ask the pros for suggestions.

Hopefully, your DJ has been there, done that. (That should be one of the reasons you hired them!) If you’re still lost on the right first dance song, don’t hesitate to ask the seasoned pro for recommendations (and ways to make it over-the-top).

Tips for a Memorable Wedding First Dance

bride and groom at small wedding receptionThere are a million moments to remember on your first day; that special moment dancing with your new husband or wife is definitely one of them—or can be if you use these tips.

Be “theme-y”

We know the term makes many couples cringe at the mere thought; however, if you’re planning a wedding with a common theme (i.e. nautical, country, seasonal), a song that fits with all the other details can take your wedding to another level. We’ve given you a few song ideas for your theme in a recent post; it’s up to you to choose the song that’s special to you and your wedding atmosphere.

Make it special

As tempting as it can be to choose a random song off of one of those first wedding dance lists, choose a song that’s a little closer to your heart. Your first song can be a song that was playing in the background at your first date, when you became engaged, or on a special night when you knew he or she was the one. If you’re still drawing a blank, or you and your spouse-to-be just don’t dance, ask your parents or grandparents for their first dance songs.

Ask for recommendations

A romantic love song or a choreographed dance. We’ve been part of thousands of wedding receptions. Lean on our experience. Use it. Ask your DJ for ideas for recommendations for a ideas for memorable first dance songs or choreographed routines.

Avoid the awkward

There is a fine line between awkward and different. Make sure when you choose your wedding first dance song—and choreographed dance—doesn’t leave your guests with an awkward feeling. Dance songs about wishing your current partner was your ex or a dance that leaves your guest with a strange twinge can make your first dance memorable—for all the wrong reasons.

Get your attendants in on the act

Want to make a big impression on your guests? Ask your attendants to join you as part of your first dance. Start out the dance with just the two of you, then pull your attendants in for an over-the-top surprise choreographed dance.

Practice, practice, practice

If you chose a choreographed dance for your first wedding dance, don’t leave the night to chance. Add a regular practice schedule to your calendar—including full dress rehearsals. As the wedding reception draws near, practice your steps in your wedding shoes and attire (especially if the dress has a wedding train!). Don’t forget to include your DJ in on your plans; he or she may have suggestions on ways to make your first dance even more memorable.