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The Harmony of a Chicagoland Wedding DJ and a Master of Ceremonies

Your wedding is meant to be a fun and momentous occasion that you celebrate with the one you loved and all your friends and family. And what’s a celebration without music.

Music plays a special role in your wedding. And since DJs cost quite a large sum of money, you want to ensure you will have a wedding DJ who can work well with your master of ceremonies to make all the music a beautiful reflection of your big day.

If you’re in the Chicagoland area and you want to have a memorable wedding reception, read on to learn how a Chicagoland Wedding DJ duos beautifully with your master of ceremonies.

Difference Between the DJ and the Master of Ceremonies

DJs and masters of ceremonies are often mixed up, largely because some DJs do perform the master of ceremony service. However, the two roles are very different.

The master of ceremonies is the host of the event. The role is meant to be more interactive with the guests. While a DJ typically needs to stay at the soundboard, the master of ceremonies is able to step away for special moments such as announcing the cake cutting or doing introductions.

The DJ on the other hand plays music for the event. While they occasionally perform small announcements, they are mostly there for musical purposes to keep everyone entertained.

While the roles are different, the two roles often work together for the sake of setting the tone and making the reception special.

How the DJ Duos With the Master of Ceremonies

While a DJ can perform small announcements, performing both this role and the master of ceremony role is quite difficult, particularly if it’s a larger wedding reception. The master of ceremonies is there in such situations to work with the DJ to set the tone and entertainment of the wedding.

The master of ceremonies announces events and moments and communicates with the DJ to ensure the music is played at just the right time. The master of ceremonies will also communicate with you and your guests regarding requests and he will communicate them with the DJ to keep them from getting overwhelmed.

Thorugh rehearsal when possible, and through regular communication, the DJ and the master of ceremonies work together to create an entertainment event that you and your guest will be talking about long after the wedding is over.

Hire a Chicagoland DJ

Now that you see the important roles a DJ and a master of ceremonies play in making your wedding special, you likely realize how much you need both. However, it will cost a lot to hire both. Unless you hire a professional Chicagoland DJ from An Enchanted Evening.

Our package will offer you a trained professional DJ who can also handle the responsibility of serving as master of ceremonies. You’ll also get a quality sound system to ensure quality sound for your big day.

Contact us today for more information.

What information does my wedding DJ need?

wedding dance floor with deejayYou should be worried if your wedding DJ doesn’t ask for this basic wedding reception information.

Do Not Play List

Just as important as the songs you want played at your wedding reception (your ‘Must Play List’) is what you don’t want to hear. Craft a list of songs you absolutely can’t stand (we’ve listed suggestions for your ‘Do Not Play List’ here), but don’t go overboard. You hired the expert DJ (hopefully!-here’s how to tell a good wedding DJ from bad here); make sure you don’t limit them so much that they can’t play the songs that get your guests dancing. Proceed with caution if your DJ doesn’t ask about your song preferences; you don’t want a DJ who takes a one-size-fits-all approach and doesn’t customize the play list for your special day.

Name Pronunciations

Help your DJ out so they (and you!) don’t look like a fool. (You’ll never live it down!) Give your DJ the correct pronunciations of your parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, and any other wedding VIPs.

Vendor Information

A good DJ is part of a wedding reception team. They make sure to coordinate your first dance with your wedding photographer so the photographer can be in just the right place for the perfect shot. Come to your wedding meeting equipped with any vendor contact information they might need—or get the deadlines from them when they need you to message them with that information.

Venue limitations

Your wedding venue should be one of the first wedding decisions you make—and one of the first wedding planning meetings you attend. Ask your wedding venue about any sound limitations (i.e. curfews, volume restrictions, etc.) and make sure to pass on the information to your DJ. It’ll save you a lot of headaches and help you avoid any penalties for breaking the rules.


If you have a special surprise planned at your wedding reception—a spectacular entrance, dance lesson, confetti drop (more ideas here)—now is the time to confide in your DJ. Or, if you don’t have anything planned yet, ask. You hired for your DJ for their experience, so don’t be afraid to tap into their expertise.

Special requests

Sooner rather than later should be your motto during wedding planning. Don’t wait until the night of your wedding reception to spring your special request on your DJ. Mention any special requests earlier in the process so you and you’re DJ aren’t scrambling at the last minute to pull off a big idea—or looking like the dupes that couldn’t bring it together.