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5 DON’Ts for an Awesome Wedding Toast

group of people toasting at wedding receptionWe’ve all witnessed a horrible wedding toast: the father of the bride who won’t shut up, the best man who repeats a slurred “I love you man” every other sentence, the bridesmaid who clearly doesn’t have boundaries.  As wedding DJ’s, we’ve witnessed quite a few (ahem) embarrassing toasts (both for the toaster and the couple) and compiled a few vital tips so you don’t botch your wedding toast.

DON’T bring up that embarrassing childhood moment without the couple’s permission.

If you want to bring up a funny moment from the past, clear it with the happy couple prior to the wedding day so you don’t end up with an angry bride and groom. As funny as it was in first grade when they peed their pants, they probably don’t want it brought up on their wedding night.

DON’T keep talking and talking and talking…

Make your wedding toast short—and to the point. Don’t go off on tangents. Write out the speech, or at least make notes, that guide you through without additions that can damage your message—and your relationship with the bride and groom. You don’t want to put the wedding guests to sleep with a long-winded speech with no end in sight.

DON’T bring up exes.

Let the dirty laundry stay in the closet. Now is not the time to apologize, or compare the bride or groom to an old boyfriend or girlfriend. Celebrate with positive thoughts scattered throughout your wedding speech, not with negativity. If you don’t have anything nice to say, let the bride or groom know, before the wedding day, that you are declining the chance to deliver a toast.

DON’T get overserved. 

Watch your alcohol intake until after the toast. For now, delay and limit your alcohol intake for the sake of your toast—and for the sake of everyone in the room. We can count on one hand the amount of drunken toasts that went well.

DON’T wait until the last minute to plan your toast.

If you want to make a splash (like this bridesmaid’s awesome wedding rap), don’t wait until the last minute to plan your wedding toast.  Consult the wedding DJ before the big day to coordinate your surprise toast. Practice your toast in front of a mirror or an audience so you’re ready to wow your real audience: the wedding guests.