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5 Warning Signs You’ve Hired a Crappy DJ

disco balls from a wedding danceNo one wants to admit they’ve wasted their money, but unfortunately when you’re vetting through wedding vendors, it happens.  Like our friend, who hired a venue caterer only to find the caterer inebriated at the bar at her wedding reception.  The same can happen to couples who are trying to hire a good wedding DJ, especially when they’re trying to stay within their budget.

The good news: it’s not too late to hire a quality DJ (here’s questions that help you choose the best wedding DJ) if you notice any of these warning signs that you’ve hired less-than-the best DJ for your big day.

They don’t ask—or seem to care—about what you want played

Everyone’s version of “good” wedding dance songs is different; it’s up to the DJ to ask what songs you want—and don’t want—at your wedding reception (more information on how to craft your wedding playlist here).  If you are planning a vintage wedding, it’s not out of line to ask the DJ to play songs from that era.  If they don’t, it’s time to move on, and find a DJ who cares about what you want played (and not just about reusing that same old playlist of songs).

Doesn’t ask about the other vendors you hired

The best DJs are social birds; they offer their couples more than just excellent dance songs and a fun dance floor, they also talk to other vendors to coordinate special moments.  If your prospective DJ is not asking about your photographer or venue contact, it’s time to hire a DJ that’ll coordinate with other vendors to get you the best shots of your first dance and capture all those special moments.

Isn’t a one-stop shop

Anyone can rig up an iPod and play tunes all night.  When you hire a DJ, expect more.  Look for a DJ that can set the atmosphere with stellar equipment and extras that send your night over the top, such as lighting, sound, and fun entertainment options (like a photo booth)—and avoid DJ’s that only offer the basics.

Can’t give you a back-up plan

Life happens.  In addition to our friend with the “belly-up” caterer, we’ve heard stories of wedding photographers who couldn’t attend, venues who shut down…the list of wedding horror stories are endless.  Don’t let your wedding join the list.  Ask your wedding DJ if they have a back-up plan for those “just in case” situations—and run away from DJs who can’t.  Quality DJ companies can promise you a back-up plan that’s just as solid—and as quality—as the primary plan.

Doesn’t come with positive reviews or references. 

If the DJ can’t get the guests dancing at another wedding, what makes you think your reception is going to be different? Don’t just hire a DJ without doing your research, like checking their reviews on social media and asking about reputable awards and testimonials. If you want to take it a step further, ask friends and family for recommendations for a DJ that did an excellent job of entertaining and keeping the guests dancing. Once you’ve done your homework, contact your DJ and book early. The best DJ’s calendars fill up quickly, and you don’t want to be stuck with a DJ that shows all the signs of a bad wedding DJ.