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Last Minute Wedding Tips That’ll Make Your Big Day Smoother

scene of bride and groom just married after a smooth wedding dayAs much fun as it is to dream about your wedding, it’s the days before your wedding that can make those dreams come true.  Use these tips to make your fairy tale wedding execution as smooth as the dream wedding you’ve imagined since you were small (or at least since you met your fiancé).

Make sure everything is set with your DJ

If you haven’t already met with your DJ (and you should be worried if you haven’t, the best DJs make sure they meet with their clients well before the wedding), now is the time to confirm your wedding schedules and share what songs you want—and don’t want.  Follow these tips to compile the perfect wedding music playlist now, so you don’t have to worry about passing on a page of requests that night (and have fun dancing to your awesome DJ!).

Put together payment & tip envelopes

You don’t want to be writing out checks all day or worrying about where cash for your accompanist is.  Put together envelopes with payment and tip money for your vendors, friends, and family that make your day fantastic.  As long as we’re talking about showing appreciation, don’t forget to package your wedding attendant gifts as well.

Finish your vows

If you are writing your vows, don’t procrastinate until right before your ceremony.  The days before your wedding are stressful enough; you don’t want to have to add worrying about your vows to the list.  If you are worried about reciting your vows, find a trusted friend or family member that you can practice with.

Pack for the big day

Make sure you have a bag (or bags) packed with everything you need, such as make up, accessories, and emergency kit (stain fighter and aspirin, anyone?).  If you have a separate dress for your reception, ensure that the dress is with a trusted party or in a convenient location for easy changing.

Check, check, and double check

Now is the time to be organized.  Set aside time to go through the big day from start to finish, and do a final check with each vendor to make sure every detail is confirmed and ready.  Send out a schedule of wedding day events to your wedding party.  Contact your caterer about a final head count.  Call your wedding venue to make sure every detail is ready.  Double check with your ceremony site and anyone providing music or services during the ceremony to make sure you are ready to go.