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Top 10 Wedding Songs That Your DJ Can Play

Music has the power to bring people together and create a sense of community and belonging. When people sing and dance together, they can feel more connected, making it easier and more fun to celebrate something together.

That is why having music at your wedding is so important! Even when guests don’t know each other, music can be the bridge that connects them, helping to create an environment of pure excitement and joy.

If your wedding is coming up, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for the ultimate playlist of wedding songs that you and your guests will love. 

Creating a Playlist With the Best Wedding Songs

Because everyone and their mothers (literally) have different music tastes, it can be pretty overwhelming to develop a playlist that suits everyone. However, certain songs have the power to always bring even the harshest critics to their feet. 

So, if you want to create a playlist that makes everyone sing and dance the night away, be sure to add these ten songs to the list:

  1. Marry You by Bruno Mars
  2. I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
  3. Dancing Queen by ABBA
  4. Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen
  5. Wobble by V.I.C.
  6. Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon
  7. September by Earth, Wind & Fire
  8. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
  9. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
  10. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

As a rule of thumb, always meet with your DJ before the wedding to discuss all of the songs you want (and don’t want) to hear during your wedding. 

Bonus: Slow Dancing Songs

Because there are times at a wedding when you might want to spend some quality time slow dancing with your new spouse, here are 10 of the prettiest ballads to add to your wedding playlist: 

  1. Perfect by Ed Sheeran 
  2. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
  3. How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees
  4. Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur
  5. A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson 
  6. Lover by Taylor Swift
  7. You’re Still The One by Shania Twain 
  8. All Of Me by John Legend 
  9. Marry Me by Train 
  10. Lucky by Jason Mars

Playing a couple of ballads is a great way to keep the wedding playlist versatile and give your guests a chance to slow down. They are also the perfect music to play when everyone is still eating dinner or when people start to leave towards the end of the wedding. 

Hire the Best Disc Jockeys in Chicago

These wedding songs will make everyone at your wedding dance the night away! No matter what type of music they are usually into, your guests will absolutely love the energy and excitement that these party songs and ballads bring to the table. 

Are you looking to hire one of the best disk jockeys in Chicago? Contact us today to see how we can help bring your big day to the next level!

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Dancing the Night Away: 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding DJ

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of your wedding day.

It helps to set the tone of the event and creates memorable experiences for you and your guests. According to recent research, music affects our brains in many ways. It can ignite emotions, movement, and pleasure, tapping into certain areas of our brains. 

The best wedding DJ will know how to get you and your guests moving and grooving for an unforgettable and entertaining experience. 

Keep reading to find the best DJ for your wedding!

How to Choose the Best Wedding DJ 

You might have thought about putting together your favorite songs on a list and letting an app do the job of a DJ but there are certain things to take into consideration.

A music app cannot sense the room and play your favorite songs according to the mood and the crowd. It takes a skilled DJ to be able to match and elevate the mood with music on your special day. 

Here are some tips when choosing the best DJ for your wedding: 

Start Looking Early 

Many brides plan their wedding months or even years in advance. Ensure that you start your search early, as many of the top wedding DJs will get snagged during peak wedding season. 

It is a good idea to start locally and even check out some venues where potential DJs you like are playing. 

Get Recommendations 

Asking around is a great way to get recommendations for a great DJ. Anyone who has recently been married will have likely done some research and be able to share the information with you.

It’s tempting to hire someone you know who may have dabbled around with turntables but you want to hire a professional for such an important event. 

Gauge Their Personality and Communication Style 

If you’re still wondering how to choose a wedding DJ, this is one of the most important factors. Be sure to meet with potential DJs in person to get a sense of who they are. This is a great way to gauge their demeanor on your wedding day and see how they will interact with your wedding guests. 

A good DJ can communicate with the wedding planner and coordinate everything that will happen during the event at any given time. They will also likely be MCing so you want to get a feel for how they will address the crowd. 

Ensure They Are Flexible

Wedding DJs usually specialize in a wide range of music offerings from different eras and different genres.

Playing nostalgic and sentimental music is one of the best parts of wedding entertainment. Music sparks the brain’s visual cortex and helps you associate the songs with certain memories

You want a DJ who has had wedding experience, as they will be able to understand the flow and also be able to improvise should things change unexpectedly. 

Ensure that the DJ is open to playing a wide range of music styles so that they can cater to guests of all ages. 

The Final Spin on Finding the Best Wedding DJ

Picking the best DJ for your wedding is important but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure that you choose a wedding DJ that is flexible, able to communicate, experienced in weddings, and highly recommended.  

If you are having your wedding in Chicago, be sure to book a personal consultation with one of our awesome DJs.

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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Chicago DJ for Your Outdoor Wedding

Hiring a Chicago wedding DJ for an outdoor wedding involves a few more steps, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find the DJ of your dreams. It does mean you should add these simple steps to your wedding planning checklist.

Permits and Curfews

Permits and curfews can play an important part in an outdoor wedding in Chicagoland. (After all, no one wants to get their festivities shut down because they didn’t follow local requirements!) Fortunately, you can get specific information from your local municipality about permits and curfews (i.e. event permits, volume limitations, curfews, etc.) that could affect your special day.

Electrical Requirements

Wedding DJ systems require an outlet—and not always a standard home outlet. When hiring a Chicago DJ, ask about any requirements when interviewing the DJ (along with these wedding DJ interview questions). Some outdoor wedding venues have already taken this into account and have set areas for an outdoor dance floor (with outlets perfect for a DJ). If your wedding is in a backyard or another area not normally used for events, make sure you choose an area with easy access to electrical.  (Plus, think about how to cover extension cords so they are not a tripping hazard!)


While it’s very tempting to hire a “friend of a friend” for less, a high-quality Chicago DJ can be the difference between a memorable dance and a ho-hum reception. Researching a wedding DJ is a great way to select an experienced professional. Fortunately, the internet makes this step a bit easier; you can find information from couples who have used Chicago wedding DJs on social media and wedding review sites (i.e. Wedding Wire, The Knot, etc.)


If you are looking for any extras, such as lighting or a photo booth, it makes cents (pun intended) to choose a wedding DJ that offers package deals. Many wedding DJs offer “extras” as part of a package that make it easier for couples as they plan. It may also be cheaper to take advantage of a package deal as opposed to individually pricing the services out.


Cost is often a top factor for couples, but there is a note of caution that goes along with looking for the cheapest wedding DJ. Often, the cheapest wedding DJ is often an amateur that delivers sub-par services or has outdated equipment. Amateur DJs often use a standard play list for every wedding and don’t customize to suit the couple’s tastes. (Read more about making a list of songs you want played and don’t want played in this post about wedding DJ playlists.) Once you’ve determined that the DJ is experienced and has high-quality equipment, ask the wedding DJ whether they have additional staff and DJs in case of an emergency (i.e. equipment break down or illness). Honestly, finding the right Chicago wedding DJ is a bit like finding the “one,” but it’s worth the effort when everyone is enjoying themselves at your beautiful outdoor wedding.

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Your Guide to Hiring the Best Chicago Wedding DJ

For any couple drafting a wedding budget, the cost of a DJ may the top question, but it shouldn’t be the only question. Here’s a few more questions you should ask when finding the right wedding DJ—and the answers that connect you to the best Chicago wedding DJ for your special day.

What is included in a Chicago wedding DJ price?

Before you start finding and researching wedding DJs, it makes cents (pun intended) to understand what should be included in your wedding DJ’s price. Note the “should be.” All of these factors play an important part in providing quality wedding DJ services, but may not always be offered by an amateur DJ:

  • Experienced DJ (and a back-up experienced DJ, in case of emergency)
  • Equipment (and back-up reliable equipment, in case of breakdown)
  • Insurance
  • Play List
  • Time

When should I book my Chicago wedding DJ?

According to the Real Simple Wedding Planning Checklist, you should hire a wedding DJ at least a year before your wedding day—but there’s nothing wrong to being ahead of the crowd. The best Chicago wedding DJs’ calendars fill up quickly, so you should start researching wedding DJs and interviewing them once you’ve confirmed the major details (i.e. venue, caterer, etc.)

How do I research a wedding DJ?

Before you hire a wedding DJ, research local wedding DJs to ensure you are getting a high-quality, reliable professional for your big day. You can research wedding DJs on third-party sites, such as The Knot, Wedding Wire, and even social media. These are great places to read through reviews and get insight into the services of local wedding DJ.

Once you’ve done the research, it’s time to interview the top wedding DJs on your list. Ask every wedding DJ about their availability, how long they’ve been in business, their cost (and the length of time included in the cost), if they have back-up equipment and staffing, and a few other important wedding DJ questions.

How long should I book a wedding DJ?

A wedding reception typically lasts for 4-6 hours, and a wedding DJ is typically present for most of that time (especially when providing cocktail hour and dinner music). Some DJs do charge overtime fees for any extra time (ask the wedding DJ about this when contacting them), while other wedding DJs offer an unlimited package without any time constraints.

What other services do wedding DJs provide?

Some DJs offer “extras” that put a wedding reception over the top, such as photobooths and lighting. Many time these services can be included in the wedding DJ package, making these extras extra budget-friendly.

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Wedding Playlist: 5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Wedding Reception Songs

The perfect wedding playlist should more about quality instead of quantity. Instead of asking, “how many songs do DJs play at weddings?” (the answer is typically 15 per hour), think more about the wedding reception songs you want included in your playlist.

Make a list of “special” wedding songs.

The most logical place to start crafting a wedding playlist is by choosing the wedding reception songs that are played during those special moments. After all, these are the memorable moments that you can look back on for years:

  • Wedding party entrance
  • Father and daughter dance
  • Mother and son dance
  • First dance
  • Bouquet toss
  • Garter toss

As you select these songs and the right wedding DJ to play them, be careful about hiring a DJ that doesn’t give you the option to customize your wedding playlist. You don’t want to get stuck with a wedding DJ who uses the same list over and over and doesn’t give you the chance to hear your favorite tunes.

Start listening to songs.

Some couples have a million songs they want played. Others have no clue! It’s okay to fall into either category. If you fall into the latter, the best way to decide on first dance songs and choose a few favorites is to start listening to songs. (If you’re planning a throwback wedding, make sure your ‘must play’ songs are from the right time period.)

Make a short list of favorite and not-so-favorite songs.

The best wedding DJs customize the wedding reception playlist to your special night. (If they don’t, be worried!) You should always choose your wedding DJ carefully (with this list of wedding DJ questions); the best DJs are the source of many memories and are well worth the funds.

Mix it up.

As you make a list of favorites, don’t forget that the wrong song at the wrong moment can really kill the mood—and clear the dance floor! A good wedding DJ can help with selecting the right song at the right time, but you can help them by not overloading your playlist with slow songs.

Don’t nix all your guests’ favorites.

Everyone has a few songs that sound like nails on a chalkboard. However, you should make sure your list of “most hated” songs doesn’t coincide with your guests’ favorites.

Lean on your DJ’s experience and expertise.

Remember that you hired your DJ for a reason. An experienced wedding DJ comes with a whole list of perks. At the top of that list is expertise! A good wedding DJ knows what songs to play at the right time. It’s okay to leave the wedding reception playlist up to them and enjoy an awesome night of wedding songs.

wedding day planned after meeting with DJ

What is included in a wedding DJ cost?

Budgeting funds for a wedding DJ can feel like a guessing game full of questions. How much does a good wedding DJ cost? What services does a wedding DJ offer? How do I find a wedding DJ that keeps my guests on the dance floor without busting the budget?

Hiring the Right Wedding DJ

Every wedding DJ offers different services as part of the cost. At the very least, a wedding DJ should offer the basic services: equipment and a DJ. At the very most, a wedding DJ service should provide equipment, an experienced (this is important!) DJ, back-up equipment and DJ (in case of emergencies). Some DJ services also provide other entertainment as part of a package deal, such as lighting or a photo booth rental.

Choosing the right DJ and wedding DJ cost starts with setting a wedding budget. (This article from Wedding Wire can give you insight into the amount for the wedding DJ line on the budget.) The next step is to compile a list of wedding DJs to contact about services and wedding DJ cost. As you contact DJs, watch for red flags that signal they are not the right DJ for your special day. Be cautious about wedding DJs who don’t have a business address, don’t want to meet or show their equipment, or don’t return your calls.

Once you have compiled a prospective list of wedding DJs, interview each service to narrow down your options. Ask each wedding service:

  • “Are you available on our wedding DJ?”
  • “How long have you DJ’ed at weddings?”
  • “What is the cost of your services? What do those costs cover? Do you charge overtime fees?”
  • “Have you ever DJ’ed at my venue? Do you charge a travel fee for coming to my venue?”
  • “Do you have insurance? Can you provide proof of insurance?”
  • “What is your plan if your equipment breaks down or a DJ can’t make it?”
  • “Do you offer any other services or package deals?”
  • “Is dinner music provided as part of the cost? Does the DJ serve as an emcee?”
  • “Can we meet? What is the best way to contact you as we plan our wedding reception?”

In addition to an interview, research each DJ service. Check their social media sites and major wedding websites for reviews from past customers. Before signing on the dotted line, carefully review the contract fine print to ensure that the DJ is the “one” who fits your needs and your budget.

Wedding Budget Tips

  • Allocate the majority of budget funds for wedding details that make a big impact on guests, such as the venue, catering, and entertainment. While a particularly budget-busting favor may be incredibly cute, good food and an excellent wedding DJ have a bigger overall impact on guests’ experience.
  • Use a wedding budget checklist or wedding planning app to stay within budget and avoid overspending on minor details.
  • If the wedding budget is a concern, try to choose a wedding date during the off-peak season (when weddings aren’t popular) and on a day that isn’t in high demand (such as a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday).
  • Always review every vendor contractor for hidden fees, such as overtime charges by wedding DJs.
  • Ask wedding vendors if they offer additional services or package deals. Many wedding vendors offer discounts for packaged services (i.e. many wedding DJs offer discounts for music and lighting).
  • While sticking to a wedding budget is important, be cautious about always choosing the lowest cost option. The cheapest vendor is not always the best vendor for the job.
  • Carefully screen each wedding vendor. Look for red flags, such as a vendor with no business address or no communication before the big day.

Ways to Find (and Hire) a GOOD Wedding DJ

wedding dance floor with deejayA fantastic night of dancing at your wedding reception is about more than music. Planning an epic wedding reception is not difficult, but it does require hiring a few quality vendors. An excellent photographer, a great videographer, an awesome wedding venue for pictures, an over-the-top wedding bar—they all play a part in creating the perfect setting and capturing memories from an unforgettable night of dancing and fun.

The main factor in a really awesome wedding dance is undeniably the main entertainer: the band or wedding DJ (weigh options for wedding reception entertainment here). If the latter is the “one,” use these ways to find and hire a local wedding DJ that fits the occasion (and those high expectations!)

Chicago Wedding Shows

The easiest way to find a DJ is to head out to one of the many wedding shows held throughout Chicagoland; this is also a time-saving way to compile a list of potential wedding vendors because they are all together in one location. Bring your wedding checklist (or binder) so you can kickstart your wedding planning off on an organized foot.

Social Media

Social media can serve a dual purpose when finding and choosing a wedding DJ. Depending on the social media channel, the site can be a useful source of testimonials (are other clients satisfied with their service?) and examples of service. If the potential wedding DJ is a serious prospect, don’t hesitate to contact the DJ through social media (a good DJ promptly responds).

Wedding Sites

Wedding websites like the Knot or Wedding Wire can be a useful first step in wedding planning. These sites are full of potential local wedding vendors, along with information and reviews. As an added bonus, these sites can be a valuable asset when vetting wedding venues that require couples to choose from a list of wedding vendors.


Friends and family can be an excellent source of wedding DJ recommendations. Think, “I used this wedding DJ and he was awesome!” or “Don’t use the wedding DJ that was at my cousin’s wedding because…” Be extra careful about recommendations that are not based off of personal experience, such as “My brother…” or “My friend’s friend does it on the side.” These recommendations can lead to amateur DJs who don’t have quality equipment or a back-up in case of emergencies.

Review Sites

Online review sites can be an easy way to compile a list of potential wedding DJs. When sifting through comments, understand that some internet trolls leave false negative reviews. However, if the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, proceed on to the next step: interviewing potential wedding DJs.


Don’t hire a wedding DJ without a thorough interview. An interview can help cross wedding DJs off the list because their prices exceed the wedding budget, they aren’t available, or for a variety of other reasons. The interview can be done via phone, in-person (schedule an appointment), e-mail, or social media. Ask these questions:

  • “Are you available on my wedding date (or these dates)?”
  • “How long have you been in business?”
  • “Do you have any references?”
  • “Do you offer any other services (lighting, photo booth, etc.)?”
  • “Can you do….[insert a special request]?
  • “What is the final total cost of your services?”
  • “How long is covered by the quoted cost? Are there overtime fees?”
  • “How much of a deposit is required and when will the balance be due?”
  • “Is there a travel fee to come to my venue?”
  • “What is the cancellation policy?”
  • “Can you provide proof of insurance?”
  • “When can we schedule a meeting? How often would we meet to discuss details?”
  • “Does your company have back-up DJ and equipment?”
  • “How soon would you arrive before the wedding?”
  • “What kind of electrical needs does your equipment require?” (for an outdoor wedding)
  • “What services are included in your wedding package?”
  • “Can your DJ offer dinner music? Can I tell you what songs I want and don’t want?”
  • “Will the wedding DJ be in formal attire?”
  • “How many years wedding experience does my DJ have?”
  • “What is the best way to contact you?”
  • For busy couples: “can we meet via the internet or over the phone instead of in person?”

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Your Wedding DJ

wedding DJ equipment at wedding receptionYou’ve decided to hire a DJ for your wedding reception. Good choice! The next step is to sift through your options and choose the right DJ for your big day. As you sift through your options, make sure you avoid the pitfalls of hiring a sub-par DJ that doesn’t fit with your budget or your expectations.

Being fooled an amateur

There are a lot of self-professed DJs out there with old-fashioned equipment and a play list. Don’t be fooled by their cheap price tag; it comes laden with risks. These amateur DJs don’t have back-up equipment in case their less-than-stellar equipment gives out. They usually don’t have another professional DJ in case they can’t attend (and a close buddy who doesn’t have a lot of experience doesn’t count). Typically, they don’t have a huge playlist of songs or the experience to adapt their song list to the crowd.

How to avoid this mistake: Look for the red flags of an amateur, such as a reluctance to meet at a place of business or unwillingness to show you their equipment. When talking to prospective DJs, ask them if they have back-ups available in case of an emergency (along with these other questions). Be wary of any DJs that don’t answer your phone calls or contact you several times before your big day.

Waiting too long

As much as you want to enjoy your engagement, the best wedding venues and vendors (including DJs) get booked quickly. Many a couple has experienced disappointment because their favorite DJ is already booked on their wedding date.

How to avoid this mistake: Contact an experienced wedding DJ as soon in the planning process as possible. Make sure you’re clear about deadlines, such as when they need the contract and down payment, so you can make sure you have an excellent DJ booked and confirmed for your wedding day.

Not asking the right questions

The only surprise you want on your wedding day is how much fun it is, not hidden fees or an absentee DJ. Not asking the right questions or reading through the fine print can leave you with an unpleasant surprise after your wedding reception.

How to avoid this mistake: Make sure you ask your DJ a full list of questions when you interview them so there aren’t any surprises later. Use this list of questions so you can find out all the important details, such as a full list of fees (and how long the costs cover) and what the back-up plan is in case of emergency (i.e. broken equipment, sick DJ, etc.)

Not getting asked the right questions

Don’t get so caught up in making sure you ask the right questions that you overlook what you’re not getting back from your DJ. It’s easy to be so charmed by your DJ that you don’t notice that they have a one-size-fits-all play list they use at all their weddings.

How to avoid this mistake: Be vigilant about what your DJ tells and asks you. Your DJ should ask you for key information, such as what songs you want played and never want played at your wedding (here’s how to draft the right ‘do not play’ list).

5 Ways to Avoid Wedding Disaster on Your Big Day

happy young beautiful bride after wedding ceremony having funA torn dress, drunken toast, unexpected downpour…there are a lot of things that can go wrong on your wedding day.  While you can’t avoid all of the emergencies that come up on your special day, you can take these steps to prepare for any “just in case” situations that could come up on your wedding day.

Have an emergency kit on hand for just in case.

Even if you planned every little detail and obsessed over the schedule a million times, there can still be emergencies (small and large) that interrupt your special day.  Pack an emergency kit with sewing supplies, first aid kit, tissues, umbrella, stain remover, blister meds, medications, wet wipes, mints, snacks, and a paper with all of your wedding vendor cell phone numbers on it (often the office is not open on at night or on a weekend).

Try to get as much done before your wedding day as possible.

Don’t procrastinate on your last contact with your vendors before your wedding; you have enough to worry about in the days before your wedding.  Instead, touch base with your vendors about a week before the wedding to confirm that all the I’s are dotted and t’s crossed.

Have a plan B before the day starts.

There are a lot of things that can come up on your big day: the weather turns nasty, you get a flat tire, your attendant gets overserved.  While you can’t control all of those situations, you can have a plan B in case it storms, the temperatures drop, or the mercury in your thermometer swells (too hot!).  Make sure your vendors do the same; ask your DJ what their plan B is in case the DJ gets sick or equipment breaks.  Do the same with your other vendors as well: videographer, photographer, caterer, etc.

Hire quality vendors.

If you hire an amateur, expect amateur results.  Make sure you hire professionals that come through when you need them; you can usually weed out these vendors based on their past testimonials (the couples they’ve come through for in the past!).  There are two ways to find these reviews: social media and local review sites both give you a window into the work they can do for you and have done in the past.

Make your wedding day a team effort.

Recruit friends and family to help you on your wedding day with any issues that might come up so you can concentrate on what’s important.  This is a great job for friends or family that you didn’t choose as bridesmaids or groomsmen but you would love to play a role in your special day.  Ask these friends or family to get people out on the dance floor, help get people ready for photographs, and to help with anything (or anyone) that demands attention so your day goes off without a hitch.

Where do I find a good wedding DJ?

bride and guests having fun on dance floor with wedding guestsOnce you’ve started planning your wedding, the fun (and challenging part) begins: choosing the right…well everything.  From the venue to the reception entertainment, hiring the right wedding vendors can make the difference between a memorable wedding and a wedding you spend years explaining to your friends and family.

One of the most important decisions is wedding entertainment.  We’ve written about the pros and cons of your wedding entertainment options before; when you decide to hire a DJ (and for good reason), the initial challenge is finding a really good DJ.

Tips for choosing a good DJ

There is a difference between a high-quality DJ and an amateur DJ who uses the same play list for every wedding.  A high-quality DJ is like a high-end product (without the price tag) versus the bargain that doesn’t last; they offer all the features that make it worthwhile to buy their product.  In the case of a DJ, those features make your wedding reception a memorable night for you and your guests. To get a high-quality DJ with all the features, use these tips for choosing the best DJ for your wedding night.

The cheapest is not always the best.

When you’re trying to keep your wedding budget tight, it can be tempting to shop around for the lowest-priced DJ.  This is one of those times, though, where the lowest priced is not always the best option and you get what you pay for.

As appealing as it is to save money, an amateur DJ often can’t meet your expectations (and the expectations of your guests).  Though it may cost you a bit more, look for a high-quality DJ that customizes the play list specifically for your wedding. Ask about a back-up plan just in case their equipment goes down or your favorite DJ gets sick—as well as these questions you should ask every potential wedding DJ.

Don’t wait.

If you want to get a good DJ, don’t procrastinate.  Once you have your venue booked, start shopping for a good local DJ that is available on your wedding date.  If you wait too long, you’ll find that list of quality DJs very small—or you’ll have to settle for an amateur DJ.

They offer more.

If you’re looking for more than just a DJ to entertain your guests, look for high-quality DJs that offer package deals.  It saves you time and effort so you don’t have to track down other entertainment vendors, and gives you other options such as lighting or a photo booth that puts your wedding reception over the top.

Ask to see their equipment.

Too many couples hire a DJ without seeing them in action or even knowing that they have the equipment they claim to have.  A high-quality DJ should have no problem showing you their equipment or providing references of clients that have used their services in the past.  To the contrary, if your potential DJ can’t provide references, listen to the warning bells in your head and walk away.

How to find a DJ

Use the internet

Obviously, if you’re reading this post, you’ve let your fingers do the searching.  A list of DJs on Google is the first step; take the next step and contact local wedding DJs can keep your guests on the dance floor with excellent equipment and a back-up plan (both for equipment and staff)—along with these important questions you should ask every DJ.

Ask your friends

If you have friends who got married recently or stood up in weddings recently, ask them about great DJs at weddings.  Who would they recommend?  Why?  Compile a list of the names they give you, and start contacting DJs (and setting up meetings) to see who is the right wedding entertainment for your big day. 

Browse social media

If you want to see what other people say about your list of DJs, browse their social media profiles for reviews and interactions.  Look for awards and special mentions to help you in your decision, and send a message to the DJs to set up meetings and ask questions.