Wedding Playlist: How many songs do I need for my wedding?

guests dancing to wedding djYour wedding playlist should be as uniquely you as the colors you choose and your wedding décor.  You can make that happen (and all the dancing that goes with it) by leaving your wedding playlist in your DJ’s hands.  If you fancy yourself a music aficionado, however, you may want to take more of a hands-on approach to your wedding playlist.

A “typical” wedding playlist (though every wedding is different) includes the following:


  • Prelude
  • Music for seating the parents
  • Processional music for attendants
  • Processional music for bride
  • Recessional


  • Dinner & cocktail background music
  • Wedding party entrance music
  • First dance
  • Father-daughter dance
  • Mother-son dance
  • Bouquet & garter toss songs
  • Dance songs

Once you’ve made a list of what songs you need, use these tips to craft the perfect wedding playlist:

Hire an excellent DJ for your big day.

If you want the best music for your big day, hire the best DJUse these tips to find an experienced DJ that can take your input and run with it. Avoid amateur DJ’s that may sound like a great deal, but can’t offer you necessities for an awesome wedding reception like state-of-the-art equipment (and back-up equipment), a back-up DJ, and all the extras that take your evening to the next level.

Make a list of must-have wedding songs you have to hear

One sign of an excellent DJ?  A DJ that asks for your favorite songs.  Do you have special song that means something to you and your fiance, songs you love to dance to, or a favorite of your parents or friends that you would all love to dance to? Put them down on paper. To make sure your guests hear all their favorite tunes, add a line to your invitations and ask for their requests.

Make a list of songs you DON’T want to hear

Do you have a song you hate with a passion?  Let your DJ know that too (along with this other important information).

Be realistic about the amount of songs that can be played

Remember, there are only so many songs that can be played at your wedding reception.  Usually that number is about 15-20 songs per hour, so don’t be upset if every song on your list can’t be played.

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