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(Fun!) Bridal Party Entrance Ideas

The bridal party entrance is another opportunity to take your wedding dance to the next level. If you’re planning a wedding dance that’s over-the-top, these tips and ideas are a ‘must’ for an incredibly memorable bridal party entrance.  

Bridal Party Entrance Tips

Bridal Party Entrance Ideas

Plan a dance that gets everyone in on the fun.

If you have a bridal party full of dancers, ask them (don’t assume!) if they want to plan a fun bridal party entrance dance. Have each attendant pair choose their favorite dance song, then turn the songs over to the DJ to take the medley to the next level. For a bridal party that doesn’t want to stand out, ask your DJ how to create a “flash mob” effect with everyone dancing together. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you plan times when your attendants can practice so you look coordinated and polished.

Make your entrance pap-worthy.

For couples who want to make your bridal party entrance feel like a walk on the red carpet, plan an entrance flanked by the paparazzi. You can make this fun by asking friends to fill the roll (make sure you fully outfit them for full effect) or hiring entertainers for the occasion. Complete the bridal party entrance with a real red carpet and a song that would be fitting of any Hollywood style entrance.

Prop it up!

Props can be a fun addition to any bridal party entrance WITH a few caveats. Remember the non-tacky tip above. Choose props that are fun or fit with your wedding theme AND make sure your bridal party has an easy way to get rid of them. Don’t leave your DJ out of the fun. Ask the pros for song ideas that fit with bridal party entrance ideas and the props.

Make the entrance a trivia contest.

If you are a couple who loves trivia contests, make the bridal party entrance a trivia contest. Have fun with this bridal party entrance idea; choose an awesome DJ who can serve as the perfect trivia contest host and give him or her the information that makes this an unforgettable game show.

Plan the ultimate race.

Make your bridal party entrance feel like the end of a fantastic race. Have your bridal party attendants cross the finish line—and cheer you on as finish your first race as newlyweds. Get out the checkered flags and lights…this is sure to be a race that everyone’ll cheer for!