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How to Choose a Song for the Father and Bride Dance

As a bride, there are a lot of things to consider when planning your wedding day. Each detail is important to make your special day perfect, from the dress, flowers, cake, and venue to the menu, guest list, and music. One of the most beautiful moments during your wedding is the father and bride dance

This is a sentimental and emotional moment for both the bride and her father, and choosing the perfect song for this dance can be a tough decision. Fortunately, we pride ourselves in being Chicagoland’s best DJs, so we have some tips for the bride-to-be. Let’s make it magical!

How to Choose the Right Song for Your Father and Bride Dance 

It’s time to get sentimental, so think of a song that brings up special memories, whether it’s a song that reminds both of you of a special moment or something that was always playing in the background when you were growing up. This special moment deserves a song with meaning to both you and your father. Bring on the tissues!

Consider the Tempo

Maybe you have never even heard of the word tempo before, but it’s pretty simple. It’s just a musical term for how fast or slow the song is. The point is that you don’t want to choose a song that is too fast or too slow for the dance. Make sure the tempo fits the mood and makes you feel at ease. This way, if you decide to learn choreography, you’ll be comfortable on the dance floor the whole time.

Choose a Classic or Timeless Song 

Some songs have been around for a long time and with good reason: they are meaningful and can evoke emotions. Consider pieces that have stood the test of time and are still played at weddings today, such as “My Girl” by The Temptations or “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole.

Choose a Song With Your Father

Remember to include your father in the decision-making process. Ask him what songs he likes that are meaningful to him, and together, you can choose a song that will make the moment even more special.

Get Advice From Chicagoland’s Best DJs

Feel free to ask your DJ for suggestions when in doubt. At An Enchanted Evening, we have experienced professionals who know how to make the music match the moment and are more than happy to help you out. We can help you find a song with the perfect tempo, lyrics, and emotions to make your moment unforgettable.

Contact An Enchanted Evening For Wedding DJ Services in Chicagoland 

The Father and Bride dance is a moment that will be cherished forever. So, take your time and choose the song that embodies your emotions on this beautiful day. Consider songs that are meaningful to you and your father, classic or timeless songs, and seriously reach out to us if your mind is going blank. 

At An Enchanted Evening, we are committed to helping you make your wedding day perfect. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding DJ services, and let us help you create your perfect moment.

Tips for an Incredible Parent-Child Wedding Song & Dance

wedding album with photos of wedding receptionA mother-son or father-daughter wedding dance is one of the sweetest moments of any wedding reception. It can also be an awkward moment for your reception guests. Or the end of a dance floor for the rest of the wedding reception. Your mother-son or father-daughter wedding dance can be whatever you want it to be—and it doesn’t have to fit the traditional mold. Your special moment can be as unique as you want it (especially if you take these tips!).

Choose a song that fits your (unique) relationship.

Don’t just take a one-song-fits-all approach to choosing the right song. After all, your relationship with your mother or father is unique. Why shouldn’t your song be? If you’re completely lost on what song is the right one, don’t hesitate to ask your DJ for a list of good songs he or she would recommend for the occasion (find a list of mother-son dance songs or father-daughter wedding song ideas here). Go through the list and choose the perfect song that fits your unique relationship.

Avoid any song that offends.

In your endeavor to choose a unique song for your mother-son or father-daughter wedding dance, don’t go overboard and choose a song that’s awkward or offensive. Avoid songs that revolves around passion, is filled with curse words (especially at a wedding reception with kids) or anything else that can make your guests shuffle away in an embarrassed silence. If you feel that you can’t make a statement with the song, look for other ways to make your dance with your parent unique.

Be memorable.

If you want to make your father-daughter or mother-son wedding dance different, give your guests the unexpected. Coordinate a special surprise during your special dance with your parent, such as a surprise celebrity or guest appearance. Have a flash mob join you on the dance floor. Do something special with a confetti drop or cool lighting; whatever surprise you have planned, make sure you let your mom or dad know (or don’t to get a genuinely shocked moment on film!).

Choreograph your dance for a fun memory.

Sometimes a father or mother wants a flashy dance routine; others want to experience the dance together sweetly and quietly. Depending on you and your parent’s relationship, a choreographed dance can be a fun way to make your first dance something your guests talk about for years after the big day. If you decide to go this route, avoid awkward pieces (see above advice) and practice, practice, practice.

Lean on the pros.

You hired your DJ for a reason. They’re (hopefully) experienced and have seen a lot of father-daughter and mother-son wedding dances, yet still have ideas that can help you make your reception uniquely you. (If your DJ doesn’t hold meetings and ask for your input, contact a quality DJ that does.) Ask for their advice and listen to it. Your wedding reception’ll be a better occasion because of it.