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5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ Before You Hire Them

Did you know that 2022 is predicted to see roughly 2.6 million weddings? Chicago is one of the greatest destinations for weddings, with an unbeatable atmosphere. With such an atmosphere, you might brainstorm questions to ask your wedding DJ.

If you’re looking for a wedding DJ, we’re here to help. Read on to learn about hiring DJ services in the Chicagoland area.

1. What Type of Atmosphere?

One of the first things to consider is what sort of atmosphere the DJ will bring.

For example, do you want your wedding to be a hyped-up party atmosphere? A DJ that focuses on a more refined and formal wedding may not bring the energy you want.

Conversely, you don’t want a DJ that focuses on a party style if you want an extravagant, quieter wedding. Consider the size and theme of your wedding before hiring a Chicago DJ. That way, you know you’re hiring a DJ that fits your atmosphere properly.

2. Preferred Genres and Styles

Along with knowing your type of atmosphere, you should know what your preferred genres and styles are. Music may fit into your atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean you like music of all sorts!

Some may prefer to avoid specific genres at their wedding. Certain genres may feel informal or not fit the energy they want. It’s sometimes as simple as not liking a genre, regardless of the wedding theme!

Similarly, you can ensure that they’re playing music you and your audience prefer!

3. Frequency of Breaks

Depending on how long your wedding lasts, your DJ will likely take a break. Make sure you know how often your DJ will need to step away from the booth.

Doing so can ensure that you know when the DJ booth is empty. That way, you can make arrangements to have someone substitute or play a playlist that can last through the DJ’s break.

4. Number of Staff for DJ

DJs don’t always come alone! Many have assistants or staff members that’ll help them.

Check with your DJ to see how many people will accompany them. Otherwise, you may find several people you didn’t expect at your wedding. It also can help stop confusion as to why more people than expected are around the DJ booth.

5. Any Additional Services

While interviewing your Chicago DJ, you should look into what other services they may offer. Many DJs may offer extra services like lighting, video, and other benefits.

Look into what your DJ offers to see if you can double up on your services. It can help save a few bucks while also helping you fill out your wedding roster!

Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Deciding what questions to ask your wedding DJ can help to encourage communication between you and the DJ. Speak with your wedding DJ to ensure that they’re the best DJ to help with your Chicago wedding. It’s your special day, so don’t let a lack of communication hold anything back!

For more information on weddings in the Chicagoland area, be sure to contact us to learn more!

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Dancing the Night Away: 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding DJ

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of your wedding day.

It helps to set the tone of the event and creates memorable experiences for you and your guests. According to recent research, music affects our brains in many ways. It can ignite emotions, movement, and pleasure, tapping into certain areas of our brains. 

The best wedding DJ will know how to get you and your guests moving and grooving for an unforgettable and entertaining experience. 

Keep reading to find the best DJ for your wedding!

How to Choose the Best Wedding DJ 

You might have thought about putting together your favorite songs on a list and letting an app do the job of a DJ but there are certain things to take into consideration.

A music app cannot sense the room and play your favorite songs according to the mood and the crowd. It takes a skilled DJ to be able to match and elevate the mood with music on your special day. 

Here are some tips when choosing the best DJ for your wedding: 

Start Looking Early 

Many brides plan their wedding months or even years in advance. Ensure that you start your search early, as many of the top wedding DJs will get snagged during peak wedding season. 

It is a good idea to start locally and even check out some venues where potential DJs you like are playing. 

Get Recommendations 

Asking around is a great way to get recommendations for a great DJ. Anyone who has recently been married will have likely done some research and be able to share the information with you.

It’s tempting to hire someone you know who may have dabbled around with turntables but you want to hire a professional for such an important event. 

Gauge Their Personality and Communication Style 

If you’re still wondering how to choose a wedding DJ, this is one of the most important factors. Be sure to meet with potential DJs in person to get a sense of who they are. This is a great way to gauge their demeanor on your wedding day and see how they will interact with your wedding guests. 

A good DJ can communicate with the wedding planner and coordinate everything that will happen during the event at any given time. They will also likely be MCing so you want to get a feel for how they will address the crowd. 

Ensure They Are Flexible

Wedding DJs usually specialize in a wide range of music offerings from different eras and different genres.

Playing nostalgic and sentimental music is one of the best parts of wedding entertainment. Music sparks the brain’s visual cortex and helps you associate the songs with certain memories

You want a DJ who has had wedding experience, as they will be able to understand the flow and also be able to improvise should things change unexpectedly. 

Ensure that the DJ is open to playing a wide range of music styles so that they can cater to guests of all ages. 

The Final Spin on Finding the Best Wedding DJ

Picking the best DJ for your wedding is important but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure that you choose a wedding DJ that is flexible, able to communicate, experienced in weddings, and highly recommended.  

If you are having your wedding in Chicago, be sure to book a personal consultation with one of our awesome DJs.

4 Steps to Choosing & Hiring Your Wedding DJ

wedding dance floor with deejayOnce you’ve decided that a DJ is your best bet for wedding entertainment, it’s time to do the tough work: finding and choosing the right wedding DJ that keeps your guests on the floor all night.  The good news is that the process is easier—and harder—than you think.  That’s why we’ve compiled this simple list of steps that connect you with the right DJ for your wedding reception.

Do your research.

It’s time to let your fingers do the work: use the internet to make a list of DJs near you.  Browse through their website and social media sites to determine if they have any experience as wedding DJs (there is a difference between a wedding and corporate event DJ!).

You can also ask friends that have been married recently, or have attended a lot of weddings, for recommendations.  A frequent wedding guest can let you know what DJs they enjoyed dancing to—and what DJs gave a lackluster performance.

Ask questions in your first email or call.

Use your time efficiently; get your list of DJs narrowed down to the few that it makes sense to actually meet with.  Ask each DJ if they are available on your wedding day and, if so, if they have any references you can contact and their fees.  Add the information to your list, but don’t use price as the most important deciding factor.  As much as you want to save money and stay within your wedding budget, low-priced DJs are usually too good to be true.  Make sure your wedding night is a memorable night that your friends are talking about for years; hire a quality DJ who customizes their play list to who you are a couple and has the equipment to back it up. (Look out for these signs of a subpar DJ as you screen DJs.)

Meet them.

The best way to get your list from many to one is by setting up a meeting.  When you go, be prepared. Ask these questions to determine if this DJ is right for you (as a bonus, ask if you can see the equipment!).

  • “Do you have a lot of experience as a wedding DJ?”
  • “Do you offer any services, such as lighting, photo booth or any other entertainment options?” (Helpful if you want to get a package deal and don’t have to make too many calls for each aspect of entertainment!)
  • “Can you do….(Insert special request here)?”
  • “If our reception runs late, are there any overtime fees?”
  • “When is the deposit due? How much?”
  • “Is there a travel fees for getting to my venue?”
  • “Do you have insurance? Can I get proof?”
  • “What if there is an emergency? What if I need to cancel?”
  • “How often should we plan on meeting with you?”
  • “Do you offer phone or web meetings in case we can’t come in person?”
  • “What happens if your equipment breaks down or your DJ is unable to come?”
  • “What time to do you arrive at the reception?”
  • “Do you provide dinner music as part of the cost?”
  • “What information do you need from me? When do you need it?”
  • “What will the DJ be wearing?”
  • “Does your DJ make announcements as an emcee at the reception?”
  • “What is the best way to contact you as we plan our wedding?”

Review their terms.

Go with your first instinct, but make sure you understand any papers before you sign them.  There may be cancellation policies, fees, or unpleasant surprises you don’t want to find out about later.  It’s all part of making the wedding planning process—and your wedding reception—the best experience possible.