5 BIG Tips for a GREAT Wedding Photo Booth

wedding guests in photo booth with silly hats and funny facesPics of mustaches, feather boas, and well…we can’t talk about some of the photo booth pics we’ve seen.  All this could be part of your wedding day if you include a photo booth into your plans for wedding entertainment—but not just any photo booth propped into a corner.  Follow these tips for some guaranteed funny pictures from your wedding photo booth.

Think about location.

When you are shopping for wedding venues, or after you’ve chosen the site for your big day, think about where is the best location for your photo booth.  Your venue manager may have suggestions.  Try to choose a spot where your guests can easily get to, such as next to the dance floor or by the bar (you might get some really, really funny pics there).  If you are worried about traffic to the photo booth, make a special sign that directs your guests to your photo booth location, such as on a chalkboard or in flashing lights.

Be wary of a DIY photo booth

With all the wedding bills piling up, we can see how tempting it would be to follow the trend and build your own photo booth.  However, don’t jump onto this bandwagon until you’ve considered all the facts:

  1. Price. Is the cost of your DIY photo booth more than the cost of a rental? Contact a photo booth rental company to find out (and ask about package deals to try and save money)
  2. Time. With all that’s going on, do you have time to add one more item to your to-do list? Trust us, the days right before you wedding can be hectic!
  3. Risk. What if something goes wrong with your equipment? Is that cheap camera you picked up really going to come through when you need it?

Choose a reputable photo booth rental company

Don’t rent a photo booth without researching photo booth rental companies.  Check out their social media page reviews, and ask for references when you request information.

When you are contacting photo booth companies, ask for information about the photo booth you are interested in (there is more than one type), dependability of the equipment, and any extras included in the photo booth rental (i.e. An Enchanted Evening provides a scrap book and video messaging).

Be prepared for the “just in case.”

Ask your photo booth rental company if they have a back-up plan just in case something goes wrong with the equipment at your event.  Break downs do happen, and that’s why it’s important to use a photo booth rental company with back-up equipment for your wedding day.

Have fun with props. 

Once you’ve got your photo booth confirmed for your big day, customize your photo booth props (we’ve listed ideas for photo booth props here) with your date or name.  Have fun with it, and your guests’ll do the same!

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