how much do DJs cost

How Much Does a DJ Cost for a Wedding?

Summer is here and it is a great time to have a wedding. Beautiful wedding weather will continue through the fall and many couples are taking advantage.

Did you know that the average wedding costs nearly $23,000? This average figure is skewed by the pandemic, as wedding costs were closing in on $30,000 in 2019.

Entertaining your guests is at the top of the priority list. Your goal as a couple is to throw a party that every guest will never forget.

This leaves many couples wondering how much do DJs cost at a wedding. Read on to learn about hiring a DJ and other topics related to wedding entertainment.

How Much Do DJs Cost?

The cost of a DJ depends on the services that you want and the options that you select. The best way to look at DJ hire costs is to start with a base price.

There are a number of factors that drive the base price. Location plays a major role in DJ pricing. DJs working in large cities like Chicago are going to cost more than one covering a rural Illinois area. In Chicago, the cost of a DJ ranges from $1,200 to $3,585.

The duration of the wedding is another driving factor. A five-hour wedding is going to cost more than a three-hour wedding. A DJ’s hourly rate is up to $150 so additional time is naturally going to increase the price.

Continue reading for a breakdown of other costs that may impact your quote. Explore DJ add-ons that are popular at Chicago weddings:

Photo Booths

Adding a photo booth to your wedding is one of the best ways to make it a memorable evening. Some companies provide a makeshift photo booth with a portable camera on a tripod.

Instead, we offer an Arcade photo booth cabinet. It is a heavy-duty metal structure with a built-in camera. All electronics are fully integrated into the photo booth including a professional-style printer.

Your guests can use our touchscreen monitor to select photos and printing options. Within 7 seconds, they are given 4 photos on a 2×6 photo strip. Guests can use our full array of photo props making for a fun session.


Many wedding couples want specialized lighting to make their wedding venue even more special. High-quality lighting can spruce up even the dullest venue.

The newlyweds may want the ballroom to illuminate in specific colors. There is even the capability to write your name on the ballroom wall in our lighting.

Video Montage

There are so many great memories to share with your wedding guests. What better way than to display them on a projector screen for all to see?

The best wedding DJs can offer you a video montage service. They accompany your best video clips with the perfect song to draw the room’s attention.

Recapping Wedding DJ Pricing

Wedding DJ pricing is going to vary based on the couple’s needs. Variables like time, location, and add-ons are going to increase or decrease the price accordingly.

The best way to lock in a reliable price estimate is by meeting with a wedding DJ. If you are wondering how much do DJs cost for a wedding, contact us today to schedule an appointment.