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4 Good Reasons To Rent a Photo Booth

You have probably heard of photo booths in casual conversation. You might have even listened to a marketing pitch or two. Still, you have yet to go so far as to rent a booth and sit it at your business or in front of a fantastic event. It would help if you considered renting one the next time a special occasion arises. These are several reasons why renting a photo booth is an excellent idea.

1. Happier Customers

The most crucial aspect of any event or entertainment business is to make customers happy. The primary way to make customers happy is to give them services and features they will enjoy while they are there. Adding a convenient photo booth to the mix of items you have in your establishment is a surefire way to put a smile on someone’s face. If you add one, you might be surprised at how many people will flock to the photo booth.

2. More Social Media Exposure

Adding a photo booth can give you more indirect exposure to your business. Many of your guests will most likely be from the social media crowd. They will be much more likely to share their experiences with friends, family members, and social media acquaintances if you add something extra, such as a photo booth. The more people share pictures and posts with your business tagged to them, the more potential clients you will gain. You can not go wrong with such masterful passive advertising. Photo booths are affordable and will not hurt your wallet to rent, so it is well worth the expense.

3. Referrals

Photo booths are trendy and engaging. Thus, they are likely to cause your business or event to be the talk of the town. You can look at them as free buzzword generators. Your guests might have unique experiences at the booth that they will tell their friends about. Those friends will tell their friends, and the next thing you know, your business will be on the map as a cool place with a photo booth. Additionally, you might get some customers who want to take photos of their passports.

4. Keep Clients Longer

Your guests will be much more engaged in the event with a photo booth in the room. Having one there can help significantly if you are charging by the hour for the event or trying to attract more people to the party.

Aside from all the benefits mentioned above, renting a photo booth can help you to generate more cash. Everyone loves more cash, right? You can think of the photo booth as an investment. You can earn more money through photo booth charges and add props to backdrops to increase your profits. It is something to consider if you want your event to be well-rounded and successful. You will want to rent a photo booth in the future once you see how advantageous having one at your event can be.

Rent a Photo Booth in Rolling Meadows, IL

Now that you know why you should rent a photo booth, you need to know where. An Enchanted Evening is an excellent option for photo booth rental. Our award-winning establishment has been around since 1998, offering premium DJ services to residents. We recently added photo booth rentals to the mix because we wanted to allow our clients to host stellar events. Contact us today to talk about pricing and options for your photo booths so clients can snapshot their lives.

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Capture Every Moment With the Magic of a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, joy, and unforgettable moments. While professional photographers are there to capture the essence of the day, adding a photo booth is not just a source of entertainment; it’s a way to create lasting memories for both you and your guests.

Interactive Entertainment

An engaging and distinctive addition to your wedding is a photo booth. It turns into a central location where visitors can congregate, mingle, and have a great time capturing imaginative and unscripted pictures. It involves more than just taking staged photos; it also involves putting together a laid-back environment that everyone can enjoy.

Capture Candid Moments

While your professional photographer is busy capturing formal moments, a photo booth allows your guests to capture goofy and spontaneous moments. These photos often turn out to be the most cherished ones, reflecting the genuine emotions and joy of the day.

Customizable Backdrops and Props

One of the exciting aspects of having a photo booth is the opportunity to customize the experience. Choose backdrops that match your wedding theme or colors, and provide a variety of props that add a touch of whimsy and fun to the pictures. From quirky hats to oversized sunglasses, the possibilities are endless.

Instant Keepsakes

Unlike waiting for the professional photos to be edited and delivered, a photo booth provides instant prints for your guests. These prints serve as unique and personalized wedding favors that your friends and family can take home with them of the joyous celebration they were a part of.

Guestbook Alternative

Instead of a traditional guestbook, consider having a photo booth guestbook. Encourage your guests to take pictures and leave heartfelt messages next to their photos. It’s a creative way to capture memories and create a keepsake that you can cherish for years to come.

Digital Sharing and Social Media

Embrace the digital age by incorporating social media sharing options. Many modern photo booths allow guests to instantly share their pictures on social media platforms, creating a real-time feed of the celebration. This not only extends the joy to those who couldn’t attend but also creates a digital album for you to revisit.

Vendor Assistance and Setup

If you’re worried about setting up your photo booth, many photo booth rental companies offer professional assistance to set up and manage the booth during the event. This ensures a seamless experience for you and your guests, allowing everyone to focus on celebrating without any worries.

An Enchanted Evening Photo Booth

A photo booth is more than just a fun addition to your wedding day. From capturing candid moments to providing instant keepsakes, the benefits of having a photo booth are numerous. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of entertainment, creativity, and nostalgia to your wedding day, consider embracing the charm of a photo booth from An Enchanted Evening. We have three kinds of booths to choose from: the classic arcade style, a party booth that can fit up to ten people, or the newest kind, an open-air booth. Contact us today to set up your photo booth rental for your perfect Chicago wedding day, and remember that love is best remembered when surrounded by smiles and laughter captured in a frame.

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Photobooth | Chicago DJs

Your wedding night will be one of your life’s most memorable and magical events. But as the years pass, memories fade, and you’ll want to reminisce. That’s why it is so important to capture those precious moments with the people you love the most, and what better way to do that than with a wedding photo booth?

At An Enchanted Evening, we believe every Chicago wedding should capture the moments with a photo booth. Not only is it a fun and interactive experience for your guests, but it’s also the perfect way to immortalize the memories of your big day. Here are five reasons you need a photo booth for your Chicago wedding.

It’s a Fun and Interactive Experience for Your Guests

Your wedding is about bringing together the people you love to celebrate your love. A photo booth is the perfect way to break the ice and get your guests mingling and having fun. It’s a great way to keep guests entertained during cocktail hour or in between dances, and it’s a fun way for your guests to let loose and get a little silly.

It’s a Unique Form of Entertainment

Let’s face it; everyone has been to a wedding with a DJ and a dancefloor, but not everyone has been to a wedding with a photo booth. Adding a photo booth to your Chicago wedding is a unique form of entertainment that will leave lasting memories for you and your guests.

It’s the Perfect Icebreaker for Your Guests

Only some people know each other at weddings; not everyone is comfortable getting up and dancing. A photo booth provides the perfect icebreaker for guests to start chatting and having fun together. It’s a great way for guests to get to know each other and feel more comfortable on the dancefloor later in the evening.

You Get to Keep the Memories

One of the best things about a photo booth is that you get to keep the memories. Whether it’s a physical printout or digital copies, you and your guests will have something to look back on for years to come. We even offer custom printouts with your wedding date and name, making it the perfect keepsake for your guests to take home.

It’s Customizable

At An Enchanted Evening, we offer various photo booth styles, including arcade-style, open-air, and party booths. We can even create custom backdrops and props to match your wedding theme. This makes it the perfect customizable addition to your Chicago wedding.

Contact An Enchanted Evening for your Wedding Photobooth in Chicago, IL

Adding a photo booth to your Chicago wedding is a fun and unique way to capture the memories of your big day. It’s a great way to keep guests entertained, break the ice, and immortalize the memories of your loved ones. At An Enchanted Evening, we offer a variety of photo booth styles to choose from and can customize backdrops and props to match your wedding theme. Every Chicago wedding needs a photo booth, and we hope our list of reasons has convinced you to add one to yours! Contact us today, and let’s get the party started.