What should I bring to my meeting with my wedding DJ?

wedding day planned after meeting with DJA meeting with your wedding DJ is an important part of wedding planning. Even if you’re insanely busy, don’t pass up on the opportunity; this is your chance to connect with the DJ and discuss key details for your big day.

Remember that a connection is a two-way street (just like marriage!). Your DJ can demonstrate their expertise and show you their equipment (be wary of a DJ who doesn’t want to meet or has a location to meet). You can give and get information necessary for planning a phenomenal wedding reception.

If you’re meeting with a DJ, hopefully you’ve already asked (via phone or e-mail) if your wedding date is available. The next step is to pass on basic venue information (name & address) and a schedule for your wedding day. Your schedule may not be finalized; give your DJ your current plan (and ask for any input) so they can meet your needs (i.e. dinner music, reception entertainment, photo booth, etc.). Contact your DJ with any updates if the schedule is changed as you plan your wedding day. If your venue has any noise limitations or curfews, let your DJ now so you don’t both end up in hot water.

A meeting with a DJ is a give-and-take of logistical information. Ask for a copy of the DJ’s contract (and not just the copy you sign) and for details of their logistical specifics. Find out what the DJ’s plan is in case of equipment breakdown, family illness, or an emergency. Make sure you get the exact details of their contingency plan in writing; an abstract plan is not enough if you have issues on your wedding day. You should be concerned if your DJ is hesitant to answer or doesn’t have a back-up plan (and contact a DJ who does have a solid contingency plan).

Nail down other logistics with your DJ. Ask them these questions:

  • “What is standard attire for your DJ?”
  • “What time do you arrive?”
  • “Do you offer any other services (lighting, photo booth, etc.)?”
  • “Can you do….” (Ask this question if you have a really special request)
  • “How much of a deposit is required and when will the balance be due?”
  • “Do you charge overtime fees or a travel fee? What is the total cost?”
  • “What is your cancellation policy?”
  • “Do you carry Insurance and can you provide proof of Insurance?”
  • “What kind of electrical needs does your equipment require?” (for an outdoor wedding)
  • “Is dinner music included in our package?”
  • “When do you need information from me?”
  • “Do you have a wedding DJ checklist that I can write my favorite songs and songs I do not want played at my reception?”
  • “Will the DJ act as Master of Ceremonies (MC)?”
  • “How can we contact you?”

If the wedding DJ is the “one,” make sure you are clear on any deadlines for paperwork and payments. Schedule future meetings to ensure that you can finalize all the wedding reception details before your big day.

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