Fun Ways to Capture Memories at Your Wedding Reception

newlyweds celebrating and getting the perfect wedding memoryFrom the sweet to the super funny, there are a ton of little moments that make a wedding day unforgettable. We’ve been honored to be part of many of those moments, and have a few ideas on how to capture the hilarious, annoying, awkward, and entertaining parts of your wedding so you can live them over again and again.


A photographer is a must have wedding vendor. Screen potential wedding photographers carefully. Look for a photographer that can provide favorable references, is experienced, has a good business history, and is responsive. For the best results (and memories you can cherish for years), hire another wedding vendor that can play a big part in getting those ‘must have’ wedding shots: your DJ. An experienced wedding DJ not only keeps guests on the dance floors, but can also coordinate the wedding dance with the photographer. This step ensures that you not only have an unforgettable dance, but also that you get those special shots that capture those special wedding reception moments.

Social Media

Most of your guests are on social media already. This is your chance to use social media to get their fantastic photos and videos that you can keep and cherish. When coming up with hashtags, be creative and vocal. Craft signs and place them strategically throughout the venue. Ask your DJ to announce the hashtag and social media information at the reception so your guests aware and you can get their photos and images from the evening.

Photo Booths & Cameras

Another way to get your guests’ best moments of the evening is to include a photo booth or cameras in your wedding reception. Include a high-quality photo booth in your entertainment line-up (ask your DJ if a photo booth can be included as part of the entertainment package). Make sure you have access to the images that are produced; photo booth pictures can be a fun gift that you can give back to your guest. To avoid unnecessary headaches, select a quality booth so you don’t have to worry about any breakdowns on the night of your wedding.

For an “old school” approach, add cameras to your wedding reception tables and give your guests the chance to capture their favorite moments. This approach does come with a warning, though; many a couple has spent a lot of money to get photos developed of their friends’ awkward poses.


Some of the best moments from the night can stem from a simple song request. Make it happen by adding a line for requests on your wedding invite, posting signs with a way for guests to post their requests on social media, or use one of these other ways. (Make sure you hire a DJ who can honor those requests.) Your guests’ll appreciate the chance to dance to their favorite song, and you’ll appreciate the moments that come from the requests.

Frames & Tip Jars

For a special keepsake that you can cherish for years to come, put out a frame matte or a board that your guests can sign. If you want smaller keepsakes, give your guests a special tip jar or book where they can leave their favorite pieces of advice for a happy marriage. Use these tips in a scrapbook or a special piece of artwork that you can use to take you back to that special night.

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