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DJ or Band: How to Make the Right Choice for Your Event

If you’re one of the 2 million-or-so couples who will be getting married in the United States this year, you’ll be facing the age-old question: band or DJ?

This can be an agonizing decision for couples to make, as both options have their merits. So how should you make the decision between a wedding band or DJ in Chicagoland?

Keep reading as we discuss how to go about choosing the music for the most important day of your life!

Consider the Atmosphere

It’s always worth reflecting on the atmosphere you envisage at your wedding reception. Do you want a formal environment, or something more relaxed?

One of the best reasons for choosing disc jockeys in Chicago is the fantastic festival atmosphere they can bring to a wedding. They’re guaranteed to get everyone out of their seats and onto the dance floor, playing tune after tune of your favorite tracks.

Brass bands can be better suited to black-tie events, so when choosing your music option, it’s also worth remembering the dress code, reception venue, decoration, and all other aspects of your wedding day.

Compare Costs

As with every component of your wedding, the cost of a band vs DJ will be a factor. You might be wondering how much does a DJ cost in comparison to a band? The prices of wedding bands can vary greatly, according to how many musicians play, and what their reputation is.

Meanwhile, wedding DJs’ prices typically come in a little lower than wedding bands. At An Enchanted Evening, we offer an all-inclusive package that is not limited by the number of hours, nor by an hourly rate. You can take a look at the full details of our DJ services here.

Make Sure Your Taste Is Known

Every couple has their own individual and shared tastes in music, which can be one of the best reasons for choosing disc jockeys in Chicago. Bands often have a repertoire, and while they might be able to prepare a few of your favorites, they rarely have the diversity you’d get with a DJ.

Wedding DJs can tailor their playlist to those tunes you know and love. Whether that’s the Macarena or simply matching the music to the room with a fast or slow tempo track. They will also be able to exclude all the songs you don’t want to listen to at your wedding.

Are You Looking for a Wedding DJ in Chicagoland?

Having thought about the atmosphere you want, your wedding budget, and your music taste, you’re ready to decide between a band and DJ for your Chicagoland wedding. We’ve seen is that on these fronts, opting for a DJ is a safe bet, as you can ensure you and your new spouse’s favorite tracks get played.

Don’t forget if you’re looking for wedding DJs in Chicago, An Enchanted Evening is here to help. Click here for a personalized consultation so we can get to know your taste in music and specific needs for your big day.