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Background Dinner Songs to Play at Your Wedding in Chicago

Weddings account for a more than $61 billion industry, due in large part to the fact that people go above and beyond to make this day special and memorable. The smallest details make a big difference, which is why so many people begin planning their weddings a year to a year-and-a-half from the date. 

Many of our memories are tied to music, so your song selection is essential. While you probably start with the songs for the first dance, walking down the aisle, mother-son, and father-daughter dances, don’t forget about background dinner songs that will set the mood. 

With the right wedding dinner playlist, you’ll create an amazing environment that people will remember when they think back to your special day. Keep reading so that your wedding dinner is a success by choosing the right music. 

Sade – “By Your Side”

If you’re looking for deep, romantic, meaningful, slow-tempo songs for weddings, Sade’s “By Your Side” is an excellent choice. From the beginning musical riff to the opening lyrics, “Did you think I’d leave your side, baby?”, this one creates a night of enchantment for the special couple and their guests. 

When you have excellent DJ services, they’ll go above and beyond to help you get the song list that you’ll appreciate. Listen to this song and let the lyrics and melodies sink in. From here, you’ll decide whether you want this as part of your wedding dinner. 

It’s a popular option for brides to walk down the aisle and for first dances. Sade is a lifelong artist that has plenty of great songs for weddings, so it’s likely that you’ll want to add a few more to your wedding playlist as well. 

Pharell – “Happy”

For something more upbeat, you can’t go wrong with Pharell – “Happy”. He’s an artist that has dabbled in different music genres, and this song is a crowd pleaser. 

Disc jockeys in Chicago are sure to have it on file, and it’s pleasing to the ear enough to play multiple times throughout the evening. Always check for this song’s availability when you’re shopping around for disc jockeys in Chicago. 

Bill Withers – “Lovely Day”

As you shop around for the best DJs Chicago has to offer, make sure to request Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day”. It’s a favorite song for weddings and summer gatherings of all kinds. 

The “Lovely Day” chorus will have you hooked, in addition to the bass, which moves the song and will have you tapping your feet and eventually getting up and cutting a rug. You can play the entire song or add it to your list of instrumental dinner songs. Either way, you can’t go wrong. 

Stevie Wonder – “Isn’t She Lovely”

Finally, what’s a wedding without a little bit of Stevie? “Isn’t She Lovely” provides the perfect touch when you’re looking for romantic wedding music that the entire crowd will appreciate. 

There’s a reason this song has been used for years for weddings and romantic-themed advertising. 

Choose the Best Background Dinner Songs

These background dinner songs are excellent options that will strengthen the vibe and create amazing memories on this special day of your life. Consider these songs as you look to put together a playlist that you’ll love. 

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