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5 Types of Events That Are Perfect for a DJ

Are you planning to have a significant event in the upcoming future?

Well, you might need to start thinking about booking a DJ.

In 2020, the DJing industry and many others suffered during the global pandemic. But, as it comes to an end, more in-person events than ever are being celebrated across the U.S.

Experts predict that the market will grow by around 2.6% by 2026.

If you’re wondering whether or not you need a DJ for your event, we can help. If your occasion is on our list below, you should hire an event DJ today!

1. A Wedding

If you or someone you know is getting married, you, without a doubt, must book a wedding DJ. That’s because 81% of guests remember the entertainment the most at the occasion. 

A Dj can set the mood for the rest of the significant evening. 

It can be a retro night with bangers from the 80s and 90s. Or it can be a festive atmosphere with the latest dance and electronic music.

The best part is you decide what style you want from the night. 

2. A Corporate Event

There are endless corporate parties throughout the year. A DJ is suitable for all events, from team bonding sessions to office parties. 

If you’re organizing the event, put a DJ as number one on your to-do list. Otherwise, no matter how great the layout or food is, it will be judged as a failure if the entertainment is a letdown.

DJs often love to play at corporate parties. Venues that rent out to firms are usually already well-equipped for speakers and sound systems.

3. A Birthday Party

Since everyone has a birthday each year, there will always be a demand for a party DJ.

There are some notable birthdays to hire a DJ. They are your 16th, 18th, 21st, and 30th birthdays. However, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun if you’re turning 28.

No matter what age you’re turning, you deserve a fun and exciting day!

4. A Sporting Event

Sporting events are a big deal throughout the globe, but especially in the U.S., over 142 million people attend pro sporting events a year.

There are different reasons to order a DJ for a sporting event.

First, you might throw a party for your team that made it to the final. If you can’t get tickets for the game or prefer watching at home, you can create the same matchday atmosphere in your house.

You might also need a DJ for the fans at a match. Then, you can keep them pumped before, during, and after the full-time whistle.

5. At Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs are a haven for DJs. Locals pack out the venue when word gets around town that there’s a DJ on during a specific night. In return, more people send money for food, drinks, or entry tickets.

The only thing to remember when booking one for a bar or club is to match your venue or event style. 

Event DJs can play a wide variety of music. However, the last thing you want is country music playing during Latin American club gigs.

Book Your Event DJ Today

There are many other occasions to book an event DJ. However, if your upcoming event is on our list, you must book one today.

Since there are more and more in-person events this year, DJs are in high demand. So to avoid the headache of searching for one last minute, contact us today. And we’ll arrange a professional setup so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your upcoming event!