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Choosing the Best Wedding Music for Your Big Day

The wedding music for your wedding could be one of the most important decisions that you make in wedding planning. Your wedding playlist should reflect your and your partner’s personalities, but it should also keep your guests engaged and on the dance floor through the night. The best memories from the night are created on the dance floor, so the wedding music you choose should be hand-picked with careful consideration. 

Choosing the Right Wedding Music for Your Special Moments

When you choose the songs for your special moments, there are so many things to consider. In different stages of the event, the song needs to reflect the moment and mean something to the newly married couple. A few examples include these:

The First Dance

The first dance of the newlyweds should be something special to the two. It can be a song that they consider “their song.” It can also be a song that represents the story of the couple. The first dance can be slow and romantic, but it can also be upbeat and fun if that is what the couple prefers. Either way, you should choose a song based on what both people like and features an appropriate middle ground for both parties involved in the choice. In any case, the first dance signifies the love and union in this new marriage. 

The Grand Entrance 

The grand entrance of a couple at a wedding is the first time they will be introduced as one. The cameras will be set up to capture the moment, everyone’s heads will redirect to the entrance of the room, and the wedding music should be the cherry on top that creates the perfect moment for the scene. This song should be celebratory while also meshing the story of the two individuals together. 

The Transition Songs 

The wedding reception will likely run on a very detailed schedule. The couple can work with their wedding DJ to find the perfect songs to transition from moment to moment seamlessly. 

Choosing the Right DJ for The Night

I am here to tell you that the perfect wedding DJ does exist. When searching for a wedding DJ the first thing you should consider is the quality being offered. Your professional wedding DJ will work to ensure that the party never stops and the atmosphere is always where it should be. When you look at photos from your wedding night, you might associate each moment with a song. That is because An Enchanted Evening will work with you to create the perfect playlist for your wedding. 

Award-Winning Wedding DJ in Chicagoland

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