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Why DJ Services are Better Than Making a Streaming Playlist

It is your big moment: you and your partner are finally tying the knot! Congratulations! We are thrilled for you! However, you are still not sure what kind of music you want. Bands seem too expensive, and you are thinking of just making a Spotify playlist! Do not make that mistake. Instead, contact our team at An Enchanted Evening to get DJ services you can trust. After all, the benefits it provides are far too huge.

How DJ Services Creates a Bumping Chicagoland Wedding

An Enchanted Evening provides the most acclaimed DJ services in Chicago for a reason: we focus on your needs. Rather than relying on your Spotify connectivity or a band demanding a huge paycheck up front, our DJ can bring down the house with fantastic music to ensure you create a memorable wedding that your guests will tall about for years. Just a few benefits include:

  • Personalized Playlist: Do you and your partner have some signature tunes you want to rock? Well, our DJ can create a playlist and spin the music you want! Yes, you can make a Spotify playlist, too, but that’s a lot of work you should not have to do on your big day.
  • Crowd Control: Okay, so hitting “Play” on your big YouTube Music playlist is efficient but unexciting. A great DJ interacts with the crowd, gets them pumped up, and changes music based on the mood. It’s about far more than simply creating a playlist.
  • More Interactive Updates: Are your wedding guests demanding the stupid “Chicken Polka” song, but you do not know where to find it? Listen up: a DJ knows all about these silly tunes and can find them quickly, providing instantaneous and interactive song suggestions.
  • Exciting Light Shows: Do you think a DJ just comes to your wedding and hooks up an MP3 player? They will not only bring music equipment to rock the house but also light shows that make the event more thrilling. DJ service like this provides a real vibe to your wedding.
  • More Affordable Music: Have you priced out bands that simply want too much money for their work? We get that. Our DJ services will provide similar musicality at a reasonable price. Not sure what music to play? Let our DJ know, and they will create a playlist you will love!

A DJ service simply makes the most sense for most weddings. We will not only create a thrilling musical experience but keep the reception’s mood just right. Just as importantly, we’ll provide lighting that sets the proper ambiance for each event, such as your first dance and other romantic moments.

Get This Party Started!

Call our team at An Enchanted Evening at (847) 490-1000 to set up an appointment to explore the available options. Are you worried about your budget? Let us know! We will find a DJ solution that you can afford. Not sure about the lighting? Our crew has got you covered! You will never have to worry when you work with us.