From Start to End: Ways to Put Your Wedding Reception Over-the-Top

shot of people dancing at epic wedding receptionPlanning your wedding reception is not as simple as it seems. From dinner to the last dance, there are a million details (or so it feels like!)—and a million ways to make your wedding reception an incredible night (from start to finish).

Unique wedding entrance

Boat, helicopter, sparklers, antique car, red carpet, finish line (more info on unique wedding reception entrances in this post). Start your wedding dance off with a bang—or at least with a unique wedding entrance. Choose a wedding entrance that fits you as a couple or ask your DJ for unique entrances they remember (chances are it’s so distinct that your guests’ll remember it too!).

Cool first dance

Every couple has a first dance at their wedding. Make yours different by choosing a unique first dance; use these criteria to decide what that dance is: 1) that you and your partner can do 2) that fits with your wedding theme. If you need suggestions, ask your DJ. They’re familiar with songs that can make a statement, and can refer songs that fit you and your wedding.


Everyone loves surprises, which is why the right surprise is a big hit at a wedding reception. Choosing the right surprise can be a challenge (ideas for wedding reception surprises here), but the moon is the limit. Think fireworks, confetti or balloon drop, celebrity or mascot visit…

“Other” Entertainment

Not everybody wants to “cut a rug” out on the dance floor; make sure you give those guests ways to entertain themselves when they don’t want to dance. Think trivia cards, photo booths, yard games…we’ve outlined a few different ways to entertain those guests who don’t want to join in the dancing (or for those who want to take a break!).

Dance lessons

If you want to give your guests a memorable night, give them a dance lesson they’ll never forget. Bring in a dance instructor who can give your guests a fun dance lesson they’ll remember (and use!) for years.

Late night fuel

If you want to keep your guests dancing, give them fuel to keep going. A late night course of sliders, pizzas, popcorn, or another favorite dish is going to be a big hit with your guests—especially after you’ve gone out of your way to make your wedding reception epic.

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