Wedding Reception Games Your Guests’ll Want to Play

wedding guests having fun dancing at wedding receptionWant your wedding to be known as the “fun wedding reception” everyone remembers? Make your guests feel like they’re part of your big day. Hire a good DJ and use these games to make the night memorable (and don’t forget to get your DJ in on the fun!).

I Spy

Years ago, couples used disposable cameras on all the tables to capture fun wedding moments. Now they use hash tags and social media to get spontaneous photos. ‘I Spy’ makes catching those fun moments fun for your guests. The game goes like this: give your guests cards with lists of fun moments (and fun objects) to take pictures of. Include dance floor and photo booth poses (and props) in your list to up the fun factor with props and poses. Make the hunt for photos fun!

Mad libs

If you want to get the guests at your table talking—especially at tables where guests don’t know each other—make it fun with a table game. Mad libs is always a crowd favorite, and a fun way for your guests to pass the time, especially if you have a time gap that you need to fill. Mad libs are also customizable; simply make your own cards about the couple on your computer (with a few strategically fun blanks) and you’ve got a night of laughter. If you hire a quality DJ, get them in on the game too; your guests’ll have fun playing as a group or reading their Mad lib cards from their table.

Table Trivia

This fun and customizable table game is a great way to incorporate your theme into your wedding reception. Simply create your table trivia cards with wedding theme related questions, or type up cards with questions about you as a couple. For a simple twist, make the answers into a customized crossword puzzle.

Wedding Advice

Since your DJ is your emcee for the evening, ask your DJ to give directions for a wedding advice game. Simply put blank cards on all the tables, and request that guests put their best piece of wedding advice on them for the newlyweds. You can collect and read them or ask your DJ for a fun way to make them a fun part of the evening.

Shoe Game

The shoe game can be done with shoes or pictures (on sticks). Either way, it’s a lot of fun for you and your guests! Simply seat the bride and groom back to back, and ask them to hold a shoe (one bride and one groom) in each hand. Have your DJ ask questions with an answer that is either bride and groom (i.e. who goes shopping more, who has more shoes, who takes up more of the closet, etc.) and ask the couple to hold up the shoe with the answer. To involve the guests, hand out paddles with pictures of the bride and groom and ask them to make guesses with you.

Dance Freeze

Dance freeze is just what it says. During the dance, ask your DJ to tell your guests to freeze while dancing. You, and your guests, are going to be giggling all night long at the facial expressions and odd poses.

Indoor yard games

These words may sound like an oxymoron, but don’t hesitate to bring in yard games (that won’t do any damage to your venue). Let your guests play ring toss (glow in the dark?) or bowling and have some fun.


This classic game is a crowd-pleaser for the ages. Get out the limbo stick at  your wedding reception, and let your DJ take the fun to a new level with their entertaining comments.

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