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Renting a Wedding Photo Booth in Chicago? Ask these Questions

Googling “wedding photo booth rental near me” is only the start of renting a photo booth for your big day. A wedding photo booth rental should be the source of fun candid shots (including those crazy poses and photo booth props) and jokes for years to come. It shouldn’t turn into a headache on your special night, but it can (really easily!) if the photo booth breaks down or the rental company is difficult to work with.

That’s why it’s important to ask a few questions before renting a photo booth. A short interview with the rental company ensures that you know what you’re renting, what is included with the rental, and the exact cost of the booth.

Do I get the photos from the photo booth? What kind of paper and printer is used?

Photo booth photos are much more fun when they are enjoyed by everyone! Ask your photo booth rental company if guests and the couple get photos from the booth (instead of just guests).

Avoid photo booths with cheap desktop printers and low-quality paper. You won’t be able to appreciate those crazy shots on flimsy paper—and you definitely won’t be able to if a cheap printer breaks down.

How big is the wedding photo booth?

If you want to take the “go big home or go home” approach to a photo booth, ask about the size of the booth. Some of the best shots are group shots! Larger photo booths can accommodate up to 10 guests, but choosing the size is up to you. Contact a photo booth rental company with a variety of sizes and the strong structure so your friends can take the ultimate group photo.

Does the rental include photo booth props? Can I customize the backdrop?

Photo booth props are almost as important as the people in the shots. (Use these ideas for fun photo booth props.) Find out right away if the photo booth rental includes props or start shopping for props that fit with your theme. The right props and backdrop can make or break wedding day photos. Think masquerade masks for a formal wedding, crowns for a fairy tale wedding reception, and feather boas for a theatrical night.

What if the wedding photo booth breaks down?

Nobody wants to think about a broken-down photo booth, but the truth is that it does happen. Cheap photo booth rentals might seem appealing, but don’t always come with support if the equipment fails. Find out before you rent whether there is a back-up booth and support available so you can still get great shots from a wedding booth—even if it’s not the original piece of equipment.

How much does the photo booth cost? How long is included in the rental? Is there a discount for a package rental?

When contacting the photo booth rental company, don’t stop at asking about the rental rate. Ask about all the fine print that comes with a rental, such as the length of time included in the rate and if there are any other fees. If you need other entertainment for your wedding, ask if the company offers other wedding entertainment and if there are discounts for package rentals.

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