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7 Incredibly Common Wedding First Dance Mistakes to Avoid

Your wedding first dance is supposed to be special, but these mistakes can make it anything but—for you and your guests. Nobody wants to plan a boring first dance, but you don’t want your first dance to be memorable for all the wrong reasons either. That’s why we’ve put together a list of wedding first dance mistakes that many couples have made (and many guests noticed!)

Not conferring with the DJ

You hired your DJ for a reason (hopefully because they are experienced and incredibly good at what they do). Use them! Don’t hesitate to ask your wedding DJ for ideas for first dance songs, surprises, and ways to take it to the next level. A good experienced DJ has been to many weddings and has seen many wedding first dances. For a custom wedding first dance, listen to their ideas and personalize them into a special first dance.  

Choosing an awkward first dance song

Your wedding first dance should be remembered as a special moment that totally fit you as a couple, not as that “creepy first dance.” The internet is full of stories of couples that chose creepy first dance songs and awkward moments. One groom even used the same first dance song at both his weddings (which the guests did notice!) The lesson is to choose the right wedding first dance song. If you need some help, check out these tips for choosing the right (not creepy) first dance song.

Not researching the lyrics

Before you commit to any first dance song, make sure you look up the lyrics online. You’d be surprised to see how many songs sound great but have a different meaning once you read through the lyrics.

Going a little too over-the-top

The best first dances are “totally you” or, on the flip side, a huge surprise. It’s okay to think out-of-the-box or try to make your first dance fun. Just make sure you’re not trying too hard to be something you’re not.

Not practicing

A choreographed first dance is an all-or-none effort. If you both want to pull off a dance routine, make sure you and your partner practice (A LOT) before your wedding day.


If you want to empty your dance floor (and your wedding reception), choose a wedding first dance song that’s just the right length. The optimal length for songs are between two and two half minutes. Really long first dance songs, usually more than three or four minutes, bore guests and a good way to clear your wedding venue quickly.

Choosing the wrong shoes for the first dance

The first dance should be all about enjoying the moment. Don’t let painful shoes ruin it. Be selective when you choose your shoes and use them when you practice so you can break them in.

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