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6 BIG Questions that Kick Start Your Chicago Wedding Planning

Once you’ve uttered, “yes!” it’s time to start planning your Chicago wedding. But where do you start planning your special day? We’ve been involved in countless wedding days over the years, and we’re here to help you start planning an awesome wedding in the Windy City.

The first step wedding planning isn’t complicated, but is important! Start by sitting down with your fiancé and discussing the important details that guide every step of your planning your Chicago wedding.

When do we want to get married?

One of the most common questions you’ll hear as you plan is, “when is your wedding?” Almost every wedding vendor needs this information so they are can check their availability. (And that’s not even counting all the friends and family that are going to ask!) There are a few ways to choose your wedding date:

  • Select a special date (i.e. the day you met, your first date, parent’s anniversary, etc.)
  • Choose a month when you are more available based on your professional commitments
  • Set a date in your favorite season (i.e. spring, summer, fall, winter)
  • Choose a date when your favorite Chicago wedding venue or vendor is available (contact wedding vendors and ask them for dates)
  • Pick a favorite holiday (i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc.)

Don’t get stressed out if you don’t have a set wedding date! Instead, choose a month and contact your “must have” Chicago wedding venue or vendors. Ask them if they have any dates available.

Where do we want to get married?

You’ve narrowed down the city, now it’s time to choose the perfect wedding venue. Fortunately, there is a long list of Chicago wedding venues that are perfect for wedding. Your wedding venue can be close to home, like your backyard or a family member’s home, or an incredible venue. If you have a favorite wedding venue you’ve always wanted, now is the time to speak up and add them to the list of possible Chicago wedding venues.

What is our style?

Your style as a couple is going to guide almost every detail you choose. Would you like to host an elegant day? A casual and fun picnic? An outdoor wedding with natural elements? Or is a traditional wedding more to your liking? Have you always dreamed of a rustic wedding?

What is our wedding budget?

This is an important wedding planning question that is very important to ask before you start planning your Chicago wedding. When setting a wedding budget, it’s also vital to remember to allocate most of your wedding budget to important details. The wedding venue, caterer, and entertainment are all important details that make the biggest impact on your guests, and should receive most of your wedding budget.

How big of a wedding do we want?

Do you want a big wedding? Or is a smaller wedding more your style? You don’t have to set a guest list right away, but you should discuss with your fiancé whether you want a big bash or smaller, more intimate affair.

Is there anything we really want on our big day?

Some couples dream of their wedding day for years, while others build a vision of their wedding day as they go. If you have any ideas you really want, now is the time to speak up before you start on your wedding planning journey. You may want a special venue, an awesome Chicago wedding DJ, or a sampling station with your favorite cocktail.

Once you’ve talked through these questions with your fiancé, it’s time to organize your wedding planning, get started checking off tasks on your wedding planning checklist, destress when you get overwhelmed, and enjoy planning your Chicago wedding.

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