Corporate Holiday Party

How to Find the Right DJ for Your Corporate Holiday Party

There are more than 13,000 DJs to choose from in the United States–that’s a lot of options! 

Having the right music at your holiday party is essential to creating the right atmosphere. If you’re beginning your search for the perfect DJ and aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help.

Keep reading for a quick list of things to consider when choosing a DJ for your corporate holiday party. 

Look for a DJ with the Right Experience

There are different DJs for all types of events, from birthday parties to weddings to backyard hangouts. Just because a DJ has experience doesn’t mean their experience is the kind you’re looking for.

Make sure the DJ you’re considering has experience specifically in doing corporate holiday parties. Ask them about their previous events that were similar to yours and how they typically plan for them. 

Understand the DJ’s Style

Just like people all have different music tastes, DJs have different styles when it comes to how they choose their music and energize a crowd. 

Try to find details about your potential DJ’s style and what type of music they’re most comfortable playing. A great way to uncover some of this information is through their website, which likely has links to videos of them working or song lists that show what you can expect from booking them. 

If you want your corporate holiday party to play themed music, ask the DJ if this is something they’ve done before or feel confident they can carry out. 

Look at the DJ’s Reviews Online

When finding the right DJ, you want to choose one that not only has experience but who leaves a strong positive impression. The best way to find evidence of this is by reading their reviews from past clients. 

Look for reviews on sites like Google or Yelp that are unbiased and that offer both positive and negative insights into what the DJ experience would be like so you can decide if this DJ sounds like the right one for your event. It’s also likely that the DJ has testimonials on their website you can read as well.

Ask About the Backup Plan

While hopefully unlikely, it’s always possible that the DJ you choose will get sick or have something come up that makes them unable to work your event. In this case, a backup plan is crucial to ensuring your event goes smoothly no matter what.

Ask the potential DJ what happens if they’re unable to DJ your party. Do they have someone on call who can come to replace them? A true professional will have a plan in place so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong. 

Take Your Corporate Holiday Party to the Next Level

A corporate holiday party is the perfect setting for encouraging employees to relax, unwind, and have fun while still keeping it professional. The right DJ can make or break your event, which is why putting a little time into finding one that has the right experience and style for your party is so important.

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